Demolition makes way for new SLC hotel and revamping old street

Demolition makes way for new SLC hotel and revamping old street

(KUTV) A wrecking crew demolished the old Eat-A-Burger building on 200 South and Regent Street in downtown Salt Lake. In its place will soon be a new, high-rise luxury hotel that will be the seventh tallest building in the city.

The hotel will also be the second anchor to Regent Street - an old, dark alley between State and Main Streets and 100 and 200 South.

"A hotel seems like a great fit," said DJ Baxter, Executive Director of the Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency.

While the luxury hotel will anchor Regent Street on the south end, the new Eccles Theater will anchor the street on the north end. In between the two new structures, Baxter said the new street will offer space for new, local businesses.

"It will be sort of an urban oasis where we will have restaurants, artistic events and public art," he said.

Construction of The Eccles Theater will be completed in September of 2016. 12 million dollars collected from property taxes on businesses in the block will go toward improvements of Regent Street.

Construction of the new hotel will begin in October of 2016.

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