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Nice Easter shaping up as High Pressure dominates in the low and mid levels. A Trof in the Midwest will dig south late Monday into Tuesday dragging a very weak front into the area, this could trigger a Isolated to widely sct. T-storm Tuesday. Otherwise Spring-Like weather!





Washington Times
KFDM 6 :: News - Forever Families

TxDOT fights back against unpaid tolls

Texans are racking up millions of dollars in unpaid tolls but yesterday, TxDOT fought back and released the list of the top 25 biggest violators.

Ericka miller caught up with number two on that list about what went wrong.TxDOT fights back against unpaid tolls

Friday, October 18 2013, 05:59 PM CDT

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Applications for US jobless aid up 2K to 304,000

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The number of people applying for U.S. unemployment benefits last week rose 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 304,000. Jobless claims continue to be near pre-recession levels despite the slight increase.

Consumer News

   WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 03/21/14 --
 Companies that pride themselves on being eco-friendly may have conflicted
 ideas between marketing with ad specialties and maintaining their green
 reputation. ...

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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It was a bad night for 'Bama on "American Idol" last night.

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HONOLULU (AP) -- Looks like no more working under the covers for undercover cops in Hawaii.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Oldies, but goodies are the latest battleground in the fight between major record labels and a major music streaming service.

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Texas Country Reporter: April 18, 2014

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ARC of Greater Beaumont to hold style show and dinner fundraiser

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Americans learn about leaders on President's Day

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Facebook Friday: Feb. 14, 2014

The Movie Guy: February 14, 2014

KFDM Listens: Feb. 13, 2014, Tom Wright discusses mental health issues and services

6 On Health: See how dogs trained to sniff out ovarian cancer

Six on Health: New Type 2 diabetes treatment

What may be a perfect Valentine's gift

Main Dish: Feb. 12, 2014

Family creates backyard Olympics

Boy finds gun inside San Antonio movie theater

Dallas firefighter dies after falling off of N. Texas overpass

Trending Tuesday: February 11, 2014

Police break up major organized crime operation

Remembering Shirley Temple Black

6 On Health - How doctors are helping to treat problem that arises from irregular heartbeat

Texas Country Reporter: Feb. 7, 2014

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6 On Health - Medical marijuana sweets a growing problem for small children

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Dashcam video of officer and kid playing ball goes viral

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Facebook Friday: Jan. 17, 2014

California prepares for driverless cars

6 On Health - Students run to improve learning and health

6 On Health - New device helping to break up potentially deadly blood clots

Supreme Court weighing whether one state can keep protest free zone around abortion clinics

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Oldest teacher in America celebrates birthday

6 On Health - Surgical procedure that treats intense pain

Consumer Electronics Show showcases technology

Texas Country Reporter: January 10, 2014

Girl to be Houston Marathon's youngest participant

6 On Health - New laser dental procedure

6 On Health - Children with neuromuscular diseases can now do more

Trending Tuesday: January 7, 2014

Facebook Friday: January 3, 2014

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6 On Health - Wife splits with husband to seek medical marijuana in Colorado for sick daughter

Southeast Texans ring in the new year

Senators reflect on past year, look to hurdles ahead in 2014

Possible fitness trends for 2014

American students celebrate New Year in London

Trending Tuesday: December 31, 2013

About a million people expected to welcome 2014 in NYC

Countries start ringing in the New Year

Projected winners and losers in 2014

Top 10 sports stories of 2013

Officers searching for missing woman

Group of Houston ministers condemning "knockout game"

PA nurse out of job after refusing to get flu shot

6 On Health - Shortage of prescription medication

Restaurant Report: Dec. 27, 2013

Texas Country Reporter: Dec. 27, 2013

6 On Health - APP that pays kids to take their meds

Note written to Iowa radio station goes viral

Five new lawsuits against Target in wake of security breach

6 On Health - Treating chronic pain with a pacemaker

Future of Duck Dynasty in question

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Yoga starts going to the dogs

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Restaurant server lifts the spirits of young customer

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The 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination drawing near

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A dying woman's bucket list

Looking back at the history of the Astrodome

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Angel of death could be released from prison

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TxDOT fights back against unpaid tolls

Humble gas station gives out free gas

Texas Country Reporter: October 18, 2013

Facebook Friday: October 18, 2013

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6 On Health - Oct. 16, 2013, Discovery that makes implanted device safe for MRI

Famous street artist sells work in New York

Crayons removed from Cleveland ISD classrooms

Facebook Friday: 12, 2013

Texas Country Reporter: October 12, 2013

South Carolina man volunteers to clean up memorials during shutdown

Utah police ticket Barbie jeep

Reunion Tower observation deck ready for the public

Facebook Friday: October 4, 2013

Texas Country Reporter: October 4, 2013

Meeting the woman behind Siri's voice

Some Houston cyclists arming themselves against attacks

Six on Health Sept. 2, 2013: Pregnant woman lost all of her limbs and her baby after blood clots

Six on Health: Oct. 1, 2013 Doctors treat kidney stones with new procedure

Six on Health: Sept. 30, 2013 Researchers doing more to prevent potentially deadly blood clots

Six on Health: Sept. 27, 2013 McDonalds making a big change

Are you a veteran looking for a job? TWC to hold Southeast Texas veteran job fair

Technology expert Cliff Poe gives tips on today's gadgets

Six on Health: See what a spider, porcupine and worm have to do with your health

Dairy Queen manager serves much needed justice

Facebook Friday: September 20, 2013

Texas Country Reporter: September 20, 2013

Six on Health: Tell doctors the truth

Thursday's Pet: Sept. 19, 2013

How states are trying to get people on board with Affordable Care Act

Six on Health: New cancer drug gives new hope to patients

Houston man catches record breaking alligator

Trending Tuesday: September 17, 2013

Six on Health: Technology banks patients' voices

Facebook Friday: September 13, 2013

Texas Country Reporter: September 13, 2013

Committee formed to convince Houston voters to renovate Astrodome

Six on Health: What should you do about kidney stones?

Six on Heath: New test can detect cancerous cells before cancer arises

Trending Tuesday: September 10, 2013

6 On Health-New treatment for patients with irregular heart beat

Trending Tuesday: September 3, 2013

Got 10 minutes to work out? That will do

New research may help doctors predict if a child is at risk of developing autism

Facebook Friday: August 30, 2013

Texas Country Reporter: August 30, 2013

Foods for common health problems: Six on Health

State law now requires drivers to move over for TxDOT workers on highway

New treatment for surgical wounds

State law now requires drivers to move over for TxDOT workers on highway

Trending Tuesday: August 27. 2013

Students return to class in West

New treatment for babies born with heart problems

Facebook Friday: August 23, 2013

An Outside the Box performance

Animals for Hospice

Thursday's Pet: August 22, 2013

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