KFDM learns boy is at rehab center in Houston doing well

A three-year-old boy has been taken to a rehab center in Houston following what authorities are saying was an accidental gunshot wound to the head. KFDM has learned that he is doing very well.

Beaumont Police are investigating the accidental shooting of a three-year-old boy in the 1400 block of Pipkin Street.

According to police,a call came into dispatch at 1:05 p.m. stating that the boy had been accidentally shot.

Officer Tony Harding said the child was taken to Baptist Hospital by a private vehicle instead of an ambulance.

After being evaluated at the hospital, the child was taken by life flight to Memorial Herman Children's Hospital in Houston.

The boy suffered from a single gun shot wound to the head according to Mary Poole with Baptist Hospital.

Emergency room doctors said the child was alert and talking during their evaluation. Doctors at Memorial Herman also reported that the child was doing well.

Child Protective Services is also investigating.

Officer Harding said this is an example of why gun safety should be the top priority for home owners, especially those with children.

"We need to be more educated on firearm safety, where to store your firearms when children are in your home," said Harding.

Gun safety instructor Stephen "Doc" Watson said education and safety equipment, like locks, are the best ways to stop negligent discharges.

"If you can buy a hamburger and fries, you can buy a gun lock," said Watson.

Watson, who teaches classes to new gun users, said to prevent injuries and deaths, buying locks and secure cases is the first line of defense.

Watson also said he gives out tips that all gun owners should know to prevent accidents.

"Always point a firearm in a safe direction. Keep your finger off the trigger when you're not looking at the target and ammunition should be locked up separately from the firearm. Then, your child would hav eto break two locks to put those things together," said Watson.

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