Berthing barges to house displaced Port Arthur residents


The plan to provide housing to hundreds of people from Port Arthur who lost their homes to Harvey isn't on land.

It's on water.

Berthing barges were used after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast five years ago and now it appears Southeast Texans will be doing the same.

Thousands of evacuees in Port Arthur are without a home.

Holly Reynolds is one of more than 200 who ended up at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. She's there with her husband and two children, including a 13-month-old toddler.

Her family has finally adapted to living in a shelter.

"The hurricane kind of just put a pause on things but it's okay," Reynolds said.

Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick says two berthing barges are coming from the northeast to house 600 people in the waters at the Port of Port Arthur. His hope is to let families in first.

"Repatriate some families that will be able to return to schools in Port Arthur and not cause their daily attendance to drop as dramatically as it would otherwise do," Branick said.

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