Bizzare homicide at Port Arthur motel

Port Arthur police responded to a homicide at the Port Arthur Inn Sunday evening. John Sinegal, 45, was shot in the chest in room 257.

"When I got home I saw the cops that's about it, it was kind of scary because I didn't know what was going on," Jordan Matte said.

Jeremy Bell, 32, shot and wounded his cousin. Sinegal died en route to St. Elizabeth Hospital.

"We arrived on the scene and there was a male black with a gunshot wound to the chest," Major Cory Cole said.

Four witnesses were present at the time of the shooting, and told police conflicting stories. However, authorities eventually tied together the events that lead to his death. No signs of a fight or argument was reported.

"They said they were cousins they knew one-another and from the witnesses inside hotel room... which lead us to believe it was reckless and this person lost his life," Cole said.

Bell is charged with manslaughter and felony possession of a firearm. His bond is set at $250,000.

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