Bomb threat temporarily closes Jefferson County Courthouse

bomb threat jefferson co courthouse.jpg

The Jefferson County Courthouse is back up and running after an anonymous call of a bomb threat came early Monday morning.

Everyone was evacuated from the building and told not to go in until it was safe.

The probation office and the municipal court was also under threat.

District Clerk Jamie Smith says he notified county employees to meet at a separate location.

"This morning was a little better than coffee for a wake up call," said Smith. "It's trouble it's disruptive but again employee safety is paramount and also with our citizens that are coming up here for various reasons," he said.

Authorites searched the area and found nothing. People were able to enter the building once again after about 2 hours.

No one was hurt but employees say it's a major inconvenience.

Deputies are tracking down the person who called in the bomb threat who could face serious consequences.

"Probation will not be an option. This is a case where you go straight to jail because of all the hassle and inconvenience you've cause in our state system," said District Attorney Bob Wortham.

This is the second recent bomb threat to the courthouse; the former call came in June 5th.

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