Cocaine washes ashore near High Island

Beach cocaine

From Jefferson County Sheriff's Office - The Jefferson County Narcotics Task Force received word about Kilos of cocaine and bundles of marijuana being found along the beach.

On 06/30/2017, the Task Force coordinated a sweep of the beach in Jefferson County in an effort to locate and collect any other possible bundles that may have washed up on the beach prior to the holiday weekend. Narcotics Task Force Detectives along with Detectives from Beaumont Police Department Narcotics Unit searched the beach on ATVs as the Sheriff’s Aviation Unit scanned the beach from the air.

At this time, one bundle of cocaine was located approximately 4 miles from High Island, was collected and being processed by US Coast Guard.

The Sheriff’s Office discourages people from dope hunting at the beach, but if you do come across any bundles on the beach that you think may be drugs please call the Sheriff’s Office.

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