Debris lines the roads in Vidor; school should start Sept. 19


Residents in Vidor are working to recover from the devastating effects of Tropical Storm Harvey. Driving throughout the city, piles of debris are visible on every street about one week after the flood water crested.

"Been cleaning up now we're trying to scrape back together," said resident Pamela Polk.

At least 50 percent of homes in Vidor were inundated with water. For many, a return to school is now a top priority.

"I just want them to get settled into school normally," Polk said, referring to her two children.

Water reached classrooms at the library at Oak Forest Elementary School. Vidor Middle School also suffered damage.

Flood waters affected a few buildings on the high school campus, including the auditorium.

"The entire time you're walking through our minds are spinning. Where are we going to move these kids? Where are we going to house these students? Where is this class going to go? How are we going to adjust for this damage?" said Principal Travis Maines.

Maines says the goal now is for students to begin classes Sept. 19.

"One of the things that I am very proud of our community is how resilient we are and how much we've rallied around each other to get through this," Maines said.

Principal Maines says there is a school board meeting Sept. 12, and an exact start date for class will be decided.

The district will keep students' families informed through phone calls, social media, and their website.

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