KFDM/Sinclair EXCLUSIVE interview with President Trump

EXCLUSIVE interview with President Trump

President Donald Trump sat down with Nick Minock, a political reporter with our sister station WWMT in Michigan, just before a scheduled meeting with automotive industry executives.

The president spoke about one of his tax returns being leaked to the media and about his plans for improving the economy.

Here is part of the interview, and there's more to come:

Reporter Nick Minock: Your tax returns were leaked to the media. What's your reaction to that?

President Trump: First of all, it's illegal to do. I just think it's so disgusting when people can take a tax return - which is supposed to be, almost sacred - and just release it like it's nothing. I think it's a terrible thing. In the meantime, I paid a lot of tax, paid $38 million in tax, that doesn't include sales taxes and real estate taxes and lots of other taxes - don't forget. But I paid a lot of tax and I employed a lot of people and I made money - made good money.

Reporter Nick Minock: Right now, China is the largest manufacturer in the world, so how does Michigan, how does the United States really build the rebirth of the auto industry?

President Trump: Well we're coming back, and we're coming back bigly. As you know what's happening in Michigan, Ford is coming back, GM is coming back, they're stopping largely with other plants in other countries - I won't go specific as to countries - but they're coming back with plants. Ford's going to be announcing an expansion today, GM is announcing an expansion, Fiat is coming in.

Reporter Nick Minock: When you meet with these auto executives, what tone are you going to take in this meeting.?

President Trump: I think it's a very nice tone. I'm going to help them. I'm going to help them with emissions, I'm going to help them with fuel. I'm going to help them with the things they need help with because they can't meet these standards, there's no way they can do it. They can only do so much. You can only get so much out of a grape, as the expression goes. So, I'm going to help them but they have to help me. If I help them, they're going to open up factories and they're going to create jobs and if they're not going to do that, I'm not helping them.

President Trump: I want them back in Michigan and we're going to make it easier for them to come back. They want to leave and manufacture cars then turn around and sell those cars in the United States, those days are over. IF they want to build a car in another country, they can do that. But they're not going to turn around and sell that car back in this country without paying a price. And that's going to keep the car companies here.

Stay with KFDM and 6 News on Fox for the remaining of the week to see the rest of our exclusive interview with President Trump. He will talk about health care. He also explains the biggest difference between being a CEO of a company and being president of the United States.

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