Head of MADD in SETX outraged at probation for former coach Carl Broussard


The head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Southeast Texas is telling KFDM News/6 News on Fox she's outraged over what she considers to be only a slap on the wrist to a man who caused the death of mother and child in Orange County.

Kathy Bell-Schexnaider is condemning Judge Buddie Hahn's decision to sentence Carl Broussard to just 10 years probation when he could have been sentenced to prison.

Broussard is a former West Orange-Stark High School coach who pleaded guilty to failure to stop and render aid.

In November 2015, Broussard was driving on Macarthur Drive when he struck and killed 25-year-old Ava Lewis and her 6-year-old daughter, Lamya Newhouse. He then fled the scene.

Schexnaider says Texas laws against hit and run drivers have gotten tougher through the years. That's why she's baffled Judge Hahn would give Broussard such a light punishment. He could have received up to 20 years.

Schexnaider says he's sending a bad message to the community.

"If you have a wreck and there's some dead people, run, cause you'll get probation, and that's not a message you want to send to the community. We have too many hit and runs as it is."

Schexnaider says she's glad to see so many Southeast Texans outraged and speaking out on social media about the sentence she considers unjust.

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