KFDM speaks with son of murder victim after suspect found guilty

David Bertrand

A jury has found 18-year-old Tyrece Harris guilty of murder in the shooting death of Jimmy Bertrand in Beaumont's west end.

The 18 year old could face up to life in prison after rejecting a plea bargain that would have given him a 40-year sentence.

Prosecutors say DNA linked Harris to the crime scene.

Witnesses say in April 2016, Harris entered Bertrand's garage to commit a burglary.

They say they then heard a shot and saw Harris with a smoking gun.

Following Thursday's verdict, it was an emotional scene in the courtroom.

Harris' family was visibly upset, and one person started yelling "they don't know him like we do."

Meanwhile, relatives of the 54-year-old murder victim cried and hugged one another as well.

KFDM spoke with Bertrand's son about Thursday's conviction.

"It doesn't feel good because he's gone. Nothing will bring him back. This won't bring him back," said David Bertrand, the son of murder victim Jimmy Bertrand. "All this does is allow us to close a very traumatic chapter in our life and move forward. Move forward and be there for one another for the rest of our lives."

The jury, in Judge John Stevens' courtroom, will return on Friday for the punishment phase.

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