KFDM/6 News on Fox obtain PC detailing key elements in beach attack investigation

A Galveston County detective says a piece of clothing helped investigators focus on a high profile suspect in a Spring Break assault.

That assault at Crystal Beach left a teen with serious injuries.

A Probable Cause Affidavit from Galveston County obtained by KFDM and 6 News on FOX accuses Deionte Thompson, a safety for the Alabama Crimson Tide and former WO-S football star, of kicking 18-year-old Noah Frillou in the face while he was already on the ground.

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Thompson surrendered last week in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and posted bond for felony aggravated assault.

Morris and Rufus Joseph, members of last year's Mustang championship team. are accused of beating up and knocking out Frillou on Crystal Beach during spring break March 18.

The Probable Cause Affidavit we've obtained accuses Thompson of kicking Frillou in the head...

A witness stated "Joseph and Deionte Thompson were two of the people that were kicking Frillou after he fell to the ground."

The PC indicates multiple witnesses were able to identify Thompson by his white Alabama hat.

Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban released a statement saying "we are still in the process of gathering all of the facts in Deionte's situation. Once we have a better understanding of what happened, we will make a determination as to what needs to be done in terms of the appropriate course of action moving forward."

The affidavit also states the extent of Frillou's injuries: his mouth is wired shut, several metal plates put in his face, four permanent.

"This was shattered. All of this was broken. This--all cracked down to here."

Frillou's mother, Kimberly Smalley, says he truly suffered.

"We didn't ask for this to happen. Their family didn't ask for this to happen. Unfortunately, this hurt a lot of people. We're just trying to get through each moment of each day."

What the affidavit didn't say--why the fight broke out in the first place.

We reached out several times to Thompson's family. His mother told us they had no comment at this time.

At last check both Rufus and Morris Joseph had not turned themselves in.

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