Kirbyville first responder killed helping others

Kirbyville first responder killed helping others

A stepmother sitting and scrolling through her photos. Looking at the good times with her step daughter. Linda Lou Rhodes can’t believe Brandi Milliner her step daughter of 15 years died Saturday.

"Bubbly and funny and full of life and in for anything a prankster oh yeah a big prankster lots of memories of that," says Rhodes.

Many samaritans stopped early Saturday morning to help after a one vehicle accident on the 4600 block of Eastex Freeway. 37-year-old Brandi Milliner from Kirbyville was one of them. Her stepmother Linda remembers the moment her husband told her Brandi died.

"He just walked in and said Brandy was killed last night it’s hard to believe she’s gone so much life," says Rhodes.

Rhodes recalls Brandi’s true passion. To help people. The reason she became a dispatcher.

"She just wanted to help people in any way she could," says Rhodes.

After Brandi stopped, a white Ford F-150 driven by Patrick Grandchampt a 33-year-old Nederland man hit Brandi. Beaumont Police Officer Haley Morrow says something like this is tragic especially a day before Mother’s Day.

"She was somebody’s child now we've got now we got a whole other day that someone’s life is going to be affected forever," says Morrow.

Officer Morrow says Grandchampt was placed under arrest for intoxication manslaughter. Brandi's family won't get the chance to see her walk down the aisle. Her wedding date to her second husband was set for July 22nd 2017. Rhodes says situations like this sheds a light on the importance of family.

"There will be no one else that will be there for you in the long run they are your world remember that," says Rhodes.

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