Long wait times for FEMA assistance in Beaumont

Long wait times for FEMA assistance in Beaumont

A FEMA Disaster Recovery Center opened in Beaumont on Stagg Drive Wednesday morning. One hundred people were already waiting in line at 7am when it opened.

Some who were in line say the flood from Tropical Storm Harvey destroyed their house.

"We estimate at least 6 foot inside the home," said Beaumont resident Cindy Adcock. "You're up against a time frame because the mold is just taking you over," she said.

If that isn't enough, the few things Adcock had left were taken from her.

"We had the looters come by and steal a lot of things out of our yard," she said.

Residents are able to speak with FEMA and Small Business Adminstration representatives face to face to get their questions answered.

"People that have already applied or people that have not applied, they can do so right here. There are people here to actually help them through that process," said FEMA Spokesperson Ken Higginbotham. "The more information they bring the better off they are to get the help that they need," he said.

The Disaster Recovery Center in Beaumont is located at 3871 Stagg Drive in the Gateway Shopping Center in the old Goodwill store. The center is open seven days a week, 7am - 7pm. The Disaster Recovery Center Manager advises residents to be in line by 6 pm at the latest to get help before doors close.

You can also apply online at

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