LU numbers down 3 percent after Harvey

LU numbers down 3 percent after Harvey

Harvey is long gone, but the impact is reaching not only into homes, but into Southeast Texas universities.

At Beaumont's Lamar University, enrollment decreased by about 3 percent, or nearly 500 students from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017, and campus administrators believe Harvey is to blame.

The school created a Cardinal Emergency Fund to help supply students who were able to return, but suffered losses due to Harvey.

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"A few of them have gotten pretty emotional," says Taylor Henderson, Director of Scholarships & Financial Literacy at LU. "(The fund supplies) everything from laptops, to iPads, to replacing textbooks."

The fund also supplies housing scholarships, but that's not the only way the university is trying to help students after Harvey.

The school also created Fall mini-mesters and other ways of tailoring its schedule to students.

"We offered online courses initially to get going an and we've offered these additional opportunities to take classes during the semester," says Brian Sattler, Director of Public Relations at LU. "A lot more flexibility for our students."

At Lamar State College Orange, enrollment numbers dropped by just under 2 percent compared with last Fall.

They also have programs in place to help students with the aftermath of Harvey.

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