Lumberton Fire Department hires 10 firefighters

Lumberton Fire Department hires 10 firefighters

The Lumberton Fire Department is responding to an increase in the city's population by hiring more employees.

"As the community is growing it is increasing our call volume for EMS and for fire responses,"said Assistant Fire Chief Richard Land. "So part of that growth for us is we're increasing our staffing we're increasing our manpower to make sure we have adequate personnel on duty to respond to our calls of service," he said.

The department hired 10 employees; now they have 12 full time, 28 part time, and 35 volunteer firefighters.

Chief McNeel says funding comes from several sources.

"We actually transport to the hospital. Lumberton Fire EMS provides advanced life support, so we run ambulances just like you see around us to meet the medical needs of our community as well as the fire needs so that generates some income," said Fire Chief Jeff McNeel.

Lumberton also operates under Hardin County Emergency District Services, generating more revenue for the department.

"The county collects taxes for us so we have both sales tax and ad valorem tax that generates funding to help provide the people and equipment we need," Chief McNeel said.

The Lumberton Fire Department is now a team of 75 firefighters, helping a growing community.

"We're going to look at them and invest 100 percent into their future their success their growth within our organization," said Land.

The department is still hiring volunteers, and they're interested in developing programs for high school students who are interested in the fire service.

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