Local pastors want to buy your guns

Local pastors want to buy your guns

If you have a gun, you could receive a $100 gift card from a group of churches and community leaders teaming up to stop violence in Beaumont.

Pastors John Adolph and Randy Feldschau developed a program called "Not in My City" last summer in response to violence against officers.

Following four homicides in Beaumont in June alone, the program is trying to stop violence here through a gun "buy back" program.

A meeting about the gun buy back program will be held Monday at 11 a.m. at the Cathedral Church, off Eastex.

They're in the process of choosing an upcoming Friday, where they'll be stationed around Beaumont anonymously collecting guns, with the help of the Beaumont Police Department.

Those who turn in a working gun will receive a $100 gift card. The program has already received support from elected officials.

"We are aware of the fact that it will not eradicate gun violence in our city or county," says Adolph. "That's not the aim or ambition. The aim is to erase the mindset that's pushing it. To stand against it in unity to say 'Wait a minute this is killing us, and hurting us, it's not helping us.'"

The program has already received some support from elected officials.

"Most criminals are not going to be the ones to go in and turn in their hand gun," says Beaumont City Council member Audwin Samuel. "But it's a start.

It's a "start" Feldschau and Adolph hope will catch on soon.

"The impact that the program has on reducing violent crime is marginal but for the one unrealized victim that is in the margin, it will mean everything for them," says Feldschau.

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