Patient says he was neglected, left bleeding and in pain in room at a Beaumont hospital

Patient says he was neglected, left in pain and bleeding in hospital room at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth.

A man from Orange is recovering at home tonight after what he calls a horrible experience at a Beaumont hospital.

Peter Eliopoulos reports that after Michael Riley broke his ankle after falling about 10 feet from a tree, he was transported by ambulance to CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth in Beaumont for treatment.

Riley said he spent about two hours waiting at the hospital for care.

His wife Tiara Enright took cell phone video of their experience at the hospital.

Enright says she got to the hospital about an hour after her husband and found him bleeding and in pain.

Enright says the hospital gave her husband a morphine shot and and left him in the hospital room without any additional care.

Enright says before she saw any medical personnel, a Beaumont police officer showed up and told her husband to stop yelling.

She said about two hours later, she wheeled her husband out of CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth and drove him to Baptist Hospital in Beaumont, where he received treatment right away.

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth released a released a statement to KFDM/6 News on Fox, which reads in part:

"We are committed to investigating this incident and addressing any issues completely and appropriately. We reached out to the family to express our sympathies and discuss the situation and their experience. We continue working diligently to understand how the situation happened and address any issues we identify."

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