Project Beautiful Me: Event hopes to inspire, motivate young girls

Created 5 years ago to inspire girls, Project Beautiful Me has continued to grow over time.

Each year, women speak to the teens, sharing their life experiences and teaching the girls about self worth.

Event organizer Mary Fontenot says it's essential to remind these girls that they have value and to stay on the right path.

"At least the opportunity to go the right way and not just that opportunity but the mentorship to do it," Fontenot said. "So when we see them, we see girls that have a chance to not go into the wrong direction, that we could actually be that one source of light for them to have to opportunity to make the right choice.."

The girls also had a chance to win prizes and take home a prom dress.

KFDM and 6 News on Fox's Kaily Cunningham has the story.

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