Texas lawmakers propose bill to make texting and driving illegal

Nearly 500 Texans were killed in 2015 because of distracted driving.

Now, a bill in Austin aims to lower that number. The bill would make texting and driving a Class c misdemeanor.

Texting and driving is not illegal now, unless you are in a school zone, but that could change soon.

"It worries me. My kids are everything to me, so if someone's texting and driving, that's dangerous," said Nicole Walley.

If the bill passes, texting while driving would be illegal.

On Wednesday, March 15, representatives voted in favor of making texting and driving a Class c misdemeanor.

If the bill becomes law, those caught texting and driving could face a $100 fine.

State representative Joe Deshotel voted in favor of the bill.

He told KFDM and 6 News on Fox that "it's not as much about the fines. It's more about raising awareness. We want to educate people on the dangers and affect behavior."

Nederland Police Chief Darrell Bush spoke about the bill.

"They make this law, write this law hoping you will voluntarily comply," he said "Of course they put a penalty with it in case you're caught not complying."

Chief Bush says it's one thing to text and drive in a small town like Nederland where the speed limits are relatively low, but it's another thing, he said, if you do it going 70 miles an hour down the highway.

"It's a definite distraction," he said. "And when you're texting, you're not paying attention to what's in front of you."

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