The 'Texas Hammer' falls victim to a Texas scammer here in Jasper

Jasper Police Department

Well known Houston and Dallas attorney Jim Adler, known through his TV commercials as “The Texas Hammer”, has fallen victim to a “Texas scammer”, and Jasper Police say the scheme involved at least two women here. Adler is known for going after those who do others wrong, but police say Adler was the victim this time, with thousands of dollars stolen from his bank account and sent through a local credit union.

According to a report filed by Sergeant Jimmy Neel and Officer Davy Hill, the investigation into the complicated case began on Thursday, August 3rd when they responded to the Mobil Oil Federal Credit Union at 465 East Gibson Street in Jasper. The report said that credit union employee Ann Marie Limbrick discovered the scam, and she gave that information to officers.

The report said Limbrick told officers that fourteen fraudulent checks, written from the account of Jim Adler & Associates and totaling $3,956.92, had been deposited into the woman’s account on August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The report noted that the checks were deposited into the account electronically through a cell phone using a mobile banking app.

According to the report, the woman holding the account at the credit union, Leslie Middleton, agreed to go with police to headquarters to be interviewed, and she then told them how it all happened.

The report said Middleton told officers that her cousin, also a Jasper woman, called her and “told her she knew a way they could make some money”. Middleton said her cousin asked for her bank account information, and she would “send it to some guy who would sign off as if she had attended a meeting and she would get paid and the guy would only get 50%”.

Middleton told police that she warned her cousin that it sounded like a scam, but she said her cousin convinced her that it was “legit”.

After the money appeared in the account, Middleton said her cousin then instructed her to withdraw hundreds of dollars several times, and each time the money was wired from the Jasper WalMart to a Houston WalMart, where a Houston woman picked it up. Middleton told police that on one of the withdrawals, she kept $100.00 for herself.

However, it all ended late in the afternoon on Thursday, August 3rd when the report said that Middleton tried to cash her paycheck. The report said that she withdrew $1,300.00 that morning and sent it to the woman in Houston, but by that afternoon the credit union had discovered the fraudulent activity and froze her account.

The report said that the cousin was called in to police headquarters, but when officers began asking her questions, she refused to answer and left the building.

Jasper Police Chief Gerald Hall told KJAS News on Wednesday that arrest warrants have been issued for the cousin and also the woman in Houston. Their names have not been released pending arrest and arraignment. However, there is no word on the status of the man involved, or if police have been able to identify him.

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