VIDEO | American flags burned at American University's campus

Flags being burned on American University campus. (Photo courtesy of video provided to us by AU junior, Madeline via Twitter @madelineele)

American flags were burned on the campus of American University Wednesday afternoon, according to video recorded by students at American University.

Madeline, a junior at the university, says about four flags were burned with those burning the flags screaming, "F*** Trump," "America is dead," "America doesn't represent me."

She says that the students burning the flags were apart of the Student Black Alliance Group.

Several demonstrations against Trump’s victory were held across the country Wednesday.

People in downtown Portland, Ore. cheered as a flag was set on fire overnight.

In Seattle, people sat in the middle of the street protesting into the early morning hours.

Some high school students in the area walked out of class to voice their opposition of Trump.

In Oakland, Calif. people started fires in the middle of the street, damaging buildings. One woman there was seriously injured after she was hit by a car.

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