BREAKING NEWS: Judge sentences Lambert to 40 months in fed prison, Steward to probation

BREAKING NEWS: Pat Lambert taken into custody immediately after judge sentences her to 40 months in prison on a charge of embezzling $500,000 from BISD, and 40 months on charges linked to a cheating scandal, to be served concurrently. Her sobbing could be heard throughout the courtroom.

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The former BISD assistant superintendent, who also served as principal at Central High School, must take part in an inmate financial responsibility program and spend three years in supervised release. She showed no sign of tears during sentencing, but sobbed beforehand.

She called the past four years embarrassing and shameful. She said "only through the grace of God have I been able to endure everything I've gone through." She also said, "I'm so sorry, mom." She said she pleaded guilty to avoid what she called "unwarranted, additional charges from the government." She also said, "I should have known better. I should have made better choices." She said she was part of a flawed system.

The defense asked for alternate sentencing, ranging from a halfway house to house arrest.

Following Lambert's hearing, the judge sentenced former Central High School teacher Victoria Steward to three years probation on a charge linked to cheating. She faced up to five years in prison but a pre-sentencing report recommended probation.

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