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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Megan Dillard's notes on Granger outburst (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

Notes from Megan Dillard in courtroom:


Megan reports that Judge Bob Wortham was asking questions to determine whether Granger is competent to stand trial. Judge Wortham believes Granger is competent to move forward. He says Granger was being negative and was unwilling to cooperate.

Judge to defense attorneys - ready to move forward?

"I'm not ready. Not ready."

Granger's attorneys asked the judge to remove the jury so the attorneys could inform the judge the defendant is unable to move forward - they asked for a continuance.

Judge Wortham said, "Mr. Granger knows how to control his temper. He has done a very good job in court."

Defense attorneys James Makin/Sonny Cribbs: "He is unable to control himself today."

Granger's demeanor: He was furiously tapping his leg, rubbed his forehead, his body shaking.

Granger screamed/ranted: "I can't move forward because you people are lying on me. It's not about me being angry or out of control. I didn't want to come to this town. I knew what would happen if I did. I didn't get the opportunity to cross examine her, that little lying b---h on stand."

"They was going to cross examine her."

"I didn't bring up the fact I had surgery in 2006. I couldn't be in Jefferson County raping this wh-- e like they said I did."

"I didn't get that opportunity (talking about cross examining Samantha). Where is the American justice for me?"

He continued, "The judge wasn't allowing it (talking about submitting evidence to help his case). Stevenson (referring to Judge John Stevens) is a liar. He's a f-----g liar."

"He said her a-- was exploded. It wasn't exploded."

The judge asked, "How do you know? You didn't see it." (meaning Claudia's wound)

Granger continued, "It's testimony. That p---y ran away. He saw what Stevensen (referring to Judge John Stevens) did. He suppressed all my evidence."

"He said he didn't even know about the diary" (referring to a piece of evidence Judge Stevens hadn't yet submitted into evidence in the assault trial). "They wouldn't let me show I wasn't under court order to not leave Harris County. We tried to implement the evidence (meaning Kimler, his attorney in the assault trial). He said he's not going to allow the evidence." (referring to Judge Stevens)

Judge Wortham explained he was out of town during Granger's sex assault trial. Granger said, "Look at the transcripts your honor. Put the little lying b---h on the stand. They was going to cross examine her. I didn't bring up surgery in 2006."

He continued, "How is that helpful to me when I'm f-----g impotent?"

"That's why me and my wife broke up. That's why me and my wife broke up. What man would get up here and tell you that?"

"This f-----g idiot said I threw her under the bus (pointing at Ed Shettle.) They allowed Samantha and her mother with their lies."

"We had opportunities to cross examine her."

"The b---h got what she deserved. She's the one (referring to his daughter) who should be dead, not that old lady."

"The record is full of s--t."

"Why didn't they grab Casey Anthony's people? Where is Yates' people?"

"I did the shooting. Why is Lyndon (his brother) in jail?"

"Why are you treating us different? Where is our justice?"

"What the f--k man? Why would the arrest my family for what I did?"

"Walker (referring to Judge Layne Walker) is a liar just like Stevenson (referring to Judge John Stevens). He's a f-----g demon and you know it. I thought you was going to be fair (talking to Judge Wortham). I thought you were going to do the right thing."

"Sonny (Cribbs), didn't I tell you I didn't want to come here?" Cribbs responded, "After you agreed to come here, yes."

"It's not justice. It's just your way."

"The daughter is going on the news every day saying give him the f-----g injection. Where is the f-----g justice for me? It's not f-----g fair. Your system is corrupt.. and why?"

"All white jury. One f-----g money. One stupid f-----g n----r."

"You know it's the truth. Take all the f-----g breaks you want (after Judge Wortham said let's take a break). You know I didn't rape that b---h."

The judge said we are moving forward with trial. Granger said, "I don't give a f--k. Do it. Do it with me. Do it without me. Do it. Do it. Do it."

Bailiffs surrounded the table where Granger sat. He isn't restrained in court. His attorneys stood on either side of Granger during his tirade. Bailiffs then led him out of the courtroom, walking with him, and holding his left arm tightly pressed against his back. One bailiff said, "Don't make any moves. Don't make any moves."    

Granger to prosecutor Ed Shettle: "How you doing you little p---y?"

Makin to Judge: "We reiterate Granger has suffered some kind of breakdown and is uncontrollable."

Granger: "Let's move forward. Give me liberty or give me death. Give me death. I want it. I'd rather be dead than be in your m-f's custody. Kill me today. You'll burn tomorrow. I promise this."

"You're demons running this f-----g world. I don't care what the f--k you're going to do. I want death. I want death.

Judge: "We're going to move forward. If we're going to continue to have outbreaks we're going to restrain you."

Granger: "Restrain me. Restrain me. Belligerent. I'm out of control."

The bailiffs started to restrain Granger, then stood him up and walked him out of the courtroom to shackle him.

Defense attorney James Makin objected to the jury seeing Granger in shackles once the group came back in the room. The judge ordered Granger to sit in a room outside the courtroom where he can still hear proceedings.

The entire scene lasted about 15 minutes.


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