Beaumont PD: Stay off the road with Tropical Storm Cindy approaching

Beaumont Police Department

The Beaumont Police Department is reiterating the importance of citizens staying off the roads Wednesday evening and into the early morning hours, as Tropical Storm Cindy approaches landfall.

There is a strong chance that localized flooding and wind gusts of 50-60 mph will occur.

"Remember, when you choose to be out in this weather, it not only places you in danger, but also the first responders that will place themselves in harms way to save you," BPD wrote in a news release.

Due to the changing conditions caused by the storm the city of Beaumont will delay opening city offices until 10 a.m. on Thursday.

City officials will continue to monitor weather conditions Wednesday evening as Tropical Storm Cindy approaches landfall.

Any decision about a change in city operations tomorrow will be made early tomorrow morning.

Normal city operations will continue throughout the night but if weather conditions deteriorate, emergency services may be delayed.

From the city:

The City of Beaumont has not called for ANY evacuations. We ask that you monitor your local news. If you are in an area that is prone to flooding, please have a plan. We realize all the media coverage has everyone nervous about Tropical Storm Cindy. We are monitoring the weather and have plans in place for possible high winds or flooding.
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