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Some of the stories we are working on for 6 pm on KFDM 6 News:


In a Live Report, we show you what local  airport officials are doing to get more flyers.

How a group of families is dealing with some missing Christmas cheers.

Police charged him with burglary, but that may only be the beginning.

KFDM Meteorologist Kerry Cooper in his updated forecast sees clear skies coming.

Man involved in Jasper police chase missing, walks out of hospital

by Steve W Stewart & Mike Lout

JASPER ( and Rayburn Broadcasting Company) -- Jasper Police said on Tuesday that the suspect in a Monday evening pursuit, which began in Jasper and ended in San Augustine County, is on the loose again after he walked out of a San Augustine hospital.

According to Detective Garrett Foster, 27-year-old Jamar Tukes was taken to CHI St Luke’s Health Memorial Hospital after it was determined that he had ingested a large amount of drugs during the high speed chase. 

However, Foster said that as the hospital staff was making arrangements to have him transferred to a hospital in Lufkin for a higher level of care, an unidentified woman showed up and took Tukes with her, without the knowledge of law enforcement officers or the hospital staff.

Foster says the department now plans to obtain an arrest warrant on the man.

According to Interim Chief Gerald Hall, it all began shortly after 9:00 on Fletcher Street when officer Terry Yeates, who was on routine patrol, attempted to stop a vehicle for what was said to be a minor traffic violation.

Hall said that as Yeates attempted to stop the vehicle, Tukes accelerated and took off at a high rate of speed.

Officers from the Jasper County Sheriff's Department and other agencies also joined in the chase that continued through the north part of Jasper County and into Sabine County on Highway 96.

Hall said that in Sabine County, officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety put spikes across the highway in attempt to stop the vehicle. 

However, Hall said that the device only resulted in flattening three of the tires and the driver continued into San Augustine County where another attempt by state troopers ended up stopping the vehicle near Highway 147, south of San Augustine.

Hall said officers reported that marijuana, methamphetamine, and other drugs were found in the car.

BISD announces new asst. superindent, 2 principals

BEAUMONT -- The Beaumont school district has announced three appointments to top spots including two principals and an assistant superintendent.

Dr. Shannon Allen has been appointed as assistant superintendent for secondary administration.  

Her career at BISD includes experience as a high school teacher, curriculum coordinator, high school assistant principal, middle school principal and high school principal.  

She received her doctorate degree from Lamar University in Educational Leadership in 2013.

Ms. April Johnston has been appointed as principal of Blanchette Elementary School.  

Ms. Johnston began her career at BISD in 2000 as an elementary teacher and is currently an assistant principal at Homer Drive Elementary School. 

She received her Master of Education in Leadership degree from Lamar University in 2008.

Dr. Donna Prudhomme has been appointed as interim principal of Ozen High School.  

Dr. Prudhomme began with BISD as a high school teacher and served as an elementary counselor, secondary counselor and is currently an assistant principal and magnet coordinator for Ozen High School.  

She received her doctorate degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2005.

Police say man charged with burglary is prime suspect in several Jasper County break-ins

JASPER COUNTY - KFDM News has learned the Jasper Police Department is calling a man charged with burglary a prime suspect in several home burglaries in and around the Jasper area.


Jasper Police say Joseph Lamar Beatty, 25, is in jail on a burglary of habitation offense.


According to police, Beatty was seen by witnesses leaving a home after committing the burglary and was caught with some of stolen items from the burglary in his possession.


Police say Beatty is the prime suspect in several home burglaries in and around the Jasper area.  Flat screen televisions, laptops and other electronic items were taken.


The Jasper Police Department is asking that if you bought anything from Beatty or any of his associates, contact the department and you will not be charged with a crime.

Bridge operator dies in accident on Lake Charles area bridge

LAKE CHARLES -- The tender for a bridge near Lake Charles was found dead Tuesday morning from an accident that trapped her in the bridge's machinery

Deputies who went to check on her about 4:30 am Tuesday found Dorothy S. Carter, 58, Grand Chenier, inside the control tower face down in the motor for the Bayou Black Bridge, 8900 Big Lake Road, Lake Charles.  

Further investigation showed an article of Carter’s clothing became stuck in the motor and she was unable to free herself. 


She was pronounced dead at the scene.  Foul play is not suspected, the death appears to be accidental.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development estimated the bridge would be back open sometime Tuesday afternoon.

CPSO Detective Lance Melendy in the lead investigator on this case. 

Chicago mayor fires police chief in wake of video release

CHICAGO (AP) -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired the city's police superintendent Tuesday, a week after the release of a dash-cam video that showed a white Chicago officer fatally shooting a black teenager 16 times.

Emanuel called a news conference to announce the dismissal of Garry McCarthy, who only days ago insisted to reporters that the mayor had his "back."

The mayor praised McCarthy's leadership of the force but called it an "undeniable fact" that the public's trust in the police had eroded.

"Now is the time for fresh eyes and new leadership," Emanuel said.

Protesters have been calling for McCarthy's dismissal in response to the handling of the death of Laquan McDonald, a 17-year-old who was killed in October 2014.

Some aldermen, particularly members of the city council's black caucus, have also been seeking McCarthy's resignation, citing the city's crime rate and questions about the department transparency.

The city released video of the shooting only after a judge ordered it to be made public. The release set off several days of largely peaceful protests. Officer Jason Van Dyke has been charged with first-degree murder.

"Any case of excessive force or abuse of authority undermines the entire force and the trust we must build with every community in the city," the mayor said. Police officers are only effective "if they are trusted by all Chicagoans, whoever they are and wherever they live in the city."

Emanuel introduced McCarthy as his pick to lead the department in May 2011, replacing former FBI agent Jody Weis, who was unpopular with many rank-and-file officers who claimed Weis did not stand behind them.

Alderman Howard Brookins Jr., a member of the black caucus, said he appreciated Emanuel's "willingness to change course."

Emanuel, who also announced a newly created task force on police accountability, said Chief of Detectives John Escalante will oversee the police department until a permanent replacement is named.

The mayor said he wants the next chief to safeguard public safety and restore trust between the community and the police.

McCarthy rose through the ranks of New York City's police department and was police director in Newark, New Jersey, when he was hired in Chicago. He promised he would "have the cops' backs."

At the time, Emanuel praised him for knowing how to run a large police force and said the city needed "a leader with Garry's depth of experience and a track record for delivering results."

In New York, McCarthy rose from patrolman to an executive position and was involved in rescue and recovery efforts after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks before taking the job in New Jersey. But his time in Newark was not without challenges or complaints.

The NAACP in New Jersey said McCarthy was more concerned about improving the safety of downtown Newark than of its neighborhoods. The American Civil Liberties Union complained that Newark police were plagued with problems from lax internal oversight to issues of excessive force during arrests.

The silent Chicago video shows McDonald walking down the middle of a four-lane street. He appears to veer away from two officers as they emerge from a vehicle, drawing their guns. Van Dyke opens fire from close range and continues firing after McDonald crumples to the ground.

Police have said McDonald was carrying a knife, and an autopsy revealed that he had PCP, a hallucinogenic drug, in his system. Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez has said the 3-inch blade recovered from the scene had been folded into the handle.

Defense attorney Dan Herbert says his client feared for his life, acted lawfully and that the video does not tell the whole story.

Van Dyke was released from jail Monday after paying the $150,000 required of his $1.5 million bail.

US sending new special ops force to fight Islamic State

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. military will deploy a new special operations force to Iraq to step up the fight against Islamic State militants unleashing violence in Iraq and Syria and determined to hold territory they have seized across the Middle East, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told Congress on Tuesday.

Carter, who testified alongside Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, faced skeptical lawmakers who argued that the U.S. needs to be more forceful in countering the threat from IS, credited with attacks in Paris and Beirut and the downing of a Russian airliner.

Carter told the House Armed Services Committee that over time, the special operations force will be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture IS leaders. Carter said that will improve intelligence and generate more targets for attacks.

There currently are about 3,300 U.S. troops in Iraq, and President Barack Obama had previously announced he was sending fewer than 50 special operations forces to Syria. There has been a growing call from some Republicans for more U.S. boots on the ground and a divide among war-weary Americans about the prospect of greater military involvement.

Carter said the number in the new expeditionary force will be "larger" than 50. He said it will be a "standing" force, meaning it will be stationed in Iraq. He said it would focus on helping Iraq defend its borders and build the Iraqi security forces, but also would be in position to conduct unilateral operations into Syria.

"This is an important capability because it takes advantage of what we're good at," Carter said. "We're good at intelligence, we're good at mobility, we're good at surprise. We have the long reach that no one else has. And it puts everybody on notice in Syria. You don't know at night who's going to be coming in the window. And that's the sensation that we want all of ISIL's leadership and followers to have."

According to a U.S. official, the force could total up to a couple hundred troops, including the assault teams, aviation units and other support units. It would likely be based in Irbil.

Obama has set the maximum number of troops at 3,550, but it was not clear whether the president will increase that number to accommodate the force, or whether the teams would have to be built within the current limit.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the individual was not authorized to publicly discuss military planning.

Carter said the force might be American-only, but more likely would be a mixed force with perhaps Kurdish troops or others who are fighting the militants. He said the new force would conduct operations similar to two conducted earlier this year.

In October, U.S. special operations troops and Iraqi forces raided a compound in northern Iraq freeing about 70 Iraqi prisoners who were facing execution. One U.S. service member was killed in the raid, the first American combat death in Iraq since the U.S. began its campaign against IS in August 2014. In May, a Delta Force raid in Syria killed IS financier Abu Sayyaf, yielded intelligence about the group's structure and finances, and his wife, held in Iraq, has been cooperating with interrogators.

Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, the chairman of the committee, said the U.S. military effort must be bolstered and directed by the military and not "White House aides micromanaging" military operations.

"If we're going to be serious about ISIS, the president needs to assign the military a clear mission and then allow the military to carry it out," Thornberry said, using an acronym for the militant network.

Rep. Adam Smith of Washington state, the top Democrat on the committee, said the group needs to be defeated, not just contained. He said IS gains strength by claiming to be fighting against Western aggression.

"If all we have is Western aggression, we will never win," he said.

Polling after the attacks in Paris and Beirut found Americans divided over sending U.S. ground troops to fight IS. A Gallup survey said that 47 percent of Americans favored sending more ground troops to Iraq and Syria and 46 percent were opposed.

Carter said in recent weeks, air strikes have destroyed IS oil wells, processing facilities and nearly 400 oil tanker-trucks. Dunford said that about 43 percent of the revenue that IS derives from oil has been affected by the recent strikes and that the U.S. also is targeting cement and other industries from which IS draws funds.

In Syria, Carter said that U.S-backed local forces are engaging IS fighters in the last remaining pocket of access between Syria and Turkey to the north. 

The U.S. also is helping a coalition of Syrian Arabs in northeastern Syria, fighting alongside Kurdish forces, that has pushed IS out of the town of al-Hawl and at least 347 square miles of surrounding territory. 

They now are trying to move south to isolate and hopefully retake the IS stronghold of Raqqa, he said. In southern Syria, the U.S. is enabling fighters to conduct strikes and is enhancing the border control and defenses of Jordan, a key ally.

In Iraq, Kurdish units, with help from the U.S., have retaken the northern town of Sinjar and cut off communication between Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria, the two largest cities under IS control

KFDM to host 'Your Voice Your Future' National Town Hall: "War on Terror" Tuesday

BALTIMORE -- Sinclair Broadcasting Group will host a "Your Voice, Your Future" National Town Hall: "War on Terror Tuesday night at 6pm.  The town hall will streamed live on the KFDM website ( from 6 pm  to 7 pm Tuesday. 

Our sister station KBTV's web site at

And over the air (by antenna) on the Bounce network.  Channel 4.2.

Scheduled panelists include:


Lt. Col. Anthony (Tony) Shaffer (Ret)  -- Senior Fellow with both the London Center for Policy Research and the Center for Advanced Defense Studies (CADS), and a consultant. He is a senior operations officer and Military Operations Training Course (MOTC) graduate with over 30 years of field experience. He has held numerous leadership positions. He appears on Fox News, CNN, and other major TV and radio programs, and has been interviewed by The New York Times and other publications on pre-9/11 operations focused on Al Qaeda. He has testified before Congress on issues relating to 9/11 intelligence and operational failures.


Brad Garrett – Former FBI agent and renowned investigator who has handled some of the country’s most significant criminal cases of the past 20 years. Provide analysis for ABC News typically in the areas of violent crime, hostage negotiation, terrorism and behavioral profiling.


Rep, William Hurd (R) TX 23rd District -- Former CIA case officer who has actively served during the War on Terrorism, to be in Congress.  In his first term in, was made the Chairman of the Information Technology Subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (which focuses in part on cybersecurity.)He is vice-chair of the Border and Maritime Subcommittee of the Homeland Security Committee. He supports stronger border security and opposes granting citizenship to illegal aliens.


Abdul Latif Bennett, Esq. – Outreach Director for Baltimore’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Attorney. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the leading Islamic organization to categorically reject terrorism in any form. Founded in 1889, it spans over 206 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions. Its current headquarters are in the United Kingdom.


Zainab Chaudry -- CAIR, MD Outreach Director - Spokeswoman for the Council on American Islamic Relations. CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.


Brooke Goldstein -- Director of Lawfare Project and NYC-based human rights attorney. Lawfare Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about and facilitating a response to the abuse of Western legal systems and human rights law.


J. D. Gordon -- Retired Navy Commander and former Pentagon spokesman who served under both Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary Robert Gates from 2005 to 2009.


Clifford D. May -- President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, created immediately following the 9/11 attacks on the United States. FDD is a non-profit, non-partisan policy institute focusing on foreign policy and national security. It combines policy research, democracy and counterterrorism education, strategic communications and investigative journalism in support of its mission to promote pluralism, defend democratic values and fight the ideologies that drive terrorism. -


Scott Thuman -- Senior Political Reporter -- Live report from Brussels, Belgium or Amman Jordan.


Jeff Barnd -- Live reports from SBG U.S. Capitol Bureau

Coming up at Noon on KFDM 6 News

Some of the stories we are working on for Noon on KFDM 6 News:

A man with ties to Southeast Texas is on the state's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

There was one persons injured when a car crashes into the back of a Port Arthur school bus.

A new report says Texas has some of the worst drivers in the nation.

Meteorologist Dana Melancon is watching a front coming through tomorrow morning. See what it will bring with it.

National security experts urge settling Syrians refugees in US

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former top national security officials in Republican and Democratic administrations on Tuesday urged Congress to continue allowing the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the United States.

"Refugees are victims, not perpetrators, of terrorism," the 19 retired military, security experts and others wrote in a letter sent to all lawmakers. "Categorically refusing to take them only feeds the narrative of ISIS that there is a war between Islam and the West, that Muslims are not welcome in the United States and Europe, and that the ISIS caliphate is their true home."

ISIS is one of the acronyms for Islamic State militants.

Among those signing the letter are former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger, George Shultz and Madeleine Albright. Retired Gen. David Petraeus also signed the letter, as did former Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff and onetime Defense Secretaries Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel.

Last month, the House voted overwhelmingly to erect high hurdles for Syrian and Iraqi refugees to come to the United States in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris. The bill would require new FBI background checks and individual sign-offs from three high-ranking U.S. officials before any refugee could come to the U.S. from Iraq or Syria, where the Islamic State group that has claimed credit for the attacks has flourished.

The administration, which has announced plans to accept about 10,000 Syrian refugees in addition to the 2,500 who have settled here since 2011, says it already takes around 18-24 months on average for them to make it into this country. They must pass a battery of screening requirements including interviews overseas, fingerprinting and biometric investigations. Many are women and children and only about 2 percent are single men of combat age.

Republicans have called for a pause in the system, a reflection of their constituents' anxiety. Forty-seven House Democrats broke with President Barack Obama and backed the legislation.

The bipartisan group of former officials said they opposed the legislation, arguing that the vetting of refugees is robust and thorough.

"Given the stringent measures in place, we are especially concerned by proposals that would derail or further delay the resettlement of Iraqis who risked their lives to work with the U.S. military and other U.S. organizations," the letter said.

The legislation is pending in the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Tuesday that the issue will be part of the must-pass spending bill that Congress needs to complete later this month to keep the government open.

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