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A cool front moving through this morning will keep rain chances in at 30% coverage. The front will be throught the area by noon, making way for mostly sunny skies for the rest of the day. Highs today will reach the mid 80's. ...


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6 on Health

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System is recognized both locally and nationally as the health care leader in Southeast Texas. Our campuses in Beaumont, Port Arthur and Jasper include outpatient medical facilities, wellness centers, specialty health centers, and medical office buildings. CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System is one of the largest facilities in the CHRISTUS Health system, which ranks as one of the top 10 health systems in the country.

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas has a long history of responding to the needs of the community. Our Associates, Volunteers, Spiritual Care providers, and Physicians who practice at the St. Elizabeth campus in Beaumont, the St. Mary campus in Port Arthur, and at our regional partner-hospital, CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Jasper Memorial in Jasper, embrace Our Mission. Together we strive to provide you, our patients and our guests, with the advanced medical skill and technology to treat your physical needs, the comfort and empathy to meet your emotional needs, and a compassionate, faith-based environment to fulfill your spiritual needs. Click on any of the related services below for more in-depth information of our services.

Bariatric Services
Birthing Services
Breast Health
Cancer Services
Emergency Department
Heart Care
LiveWell Women's Network
Minor Care Centers
Orthopedic Care
Pain Management
Pediatric Care
Robotic Surgical Services
Sports Medicine
Wilton P Hebert Health and Wellness Center
Women's Health

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System medical services are provided right here in our own community so that you can stay closer to home, family and friends. For more information, visit

Business News

Washington investors seek to pin Madoff losses on auditors

SEATTLE (AP) -- Nearly seven years after Bernie Madoff's investment empire was revealed to be a $17.5 billion fraud, the battle by investors to recover their losses ramps up with jury selection that began Monday in a case in Seattle.

Consumer News

   WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 03/21/14 --
 Companies that pride themselves on being eco-friendly may have conflicted
 ideas between marketing with ad specialties and maintaining their green
 reputation. ...

Entertainment News


ST. ALBANS, Vt. (AP) -- Randy Quaid and his wife remain in custody in Vermont -- where they were locked up on charges that they skipped out of the U.S.

Get This


NEW YORK (AP) -- It looks good enough to eat.

Science/Tech News


DALLAS (AP) -- A day after technology problems delayed hundreds of Southwest Airlines flights, the carrier's ops were running more smoothly yesterday.

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6 On Health Stories

6 on Health: Pain in the neck, striking a nerve

6 On Health: News drugs extending life of lung disease patients

6 On Health: Rare twins and triplets

6 On Health: New device for urinary and bowel incontinence

6 on Health: Statin or Not?

6 on Health: Retrievable stents for strokes

6 On Health: New treatment for children with heart condition

6 On Health: New technology and hope for aggressive brain tumor

6 On Health: Additional treatment options for esophageal cancer patients

6 on Health: Charcot Foot: A step toward avoiding amputation

6 on Health: Slowing down ALS

6 on Health: 3D Imaging: Saving Kids' Hearts

6 on Health: Healthy obese...not an oxymoron?

6 on Health: EOS Scanner: A 360 view

6 on Health: Subtle signs of bladder cancer

6 on Health: LAM Lung Disease

6 On Health: Disc replacement

6 On Health: New implant could help patients from losing eyesight completely

6 On Health: Help for depression could be in your frig

6 on Health: New asthma drug stops attacks

6 on Health: Mosquito mayhem, The pain of chikugunya

6 on Health: New non-surgical way to lose weight

6 On Health: Preventing skin cancer

6 On Health: Doctors helping more women with endometriosis

6 on Health: Hearing loss in kids

6 on Health: E-cigarettes: Smoking robot

6 On Health: Best plans for losing weight

6 On Health: New magnetic rods implants for severe scoliosis patients

6 On Health: Child fighting polio-type disease

6 on Health: Diabetic Eye Injection

6 on Health: 3D printing saves kids' hearts

6 on Health: New computer technology keeps patients from suffering hospital falls

6 on Health: New hammertoe surgical procedure

6 on Health: HIV Vaccine Technology

6 on Health: Lift for Life, Kids can weightlift

6 on health: Ring and Sling procedure for the heart

6 on Health: Spinal Injury? React to the rescue

6 on Health: SBRT for pancreatic cancer

6 on Health: Pros and Cons of Milk

6 on Health: Single Site Hysterectomy

6 on Health: Coaches For Asthma

6 on Health: Stem Cells For Sport Injuries

6 on health: Hepatitis C cases may be on the rise

6 on Health: Botox to cure excessive sweating

6 on Health: Stressed out? There's an app for that!

6 on Health: Ear molding for babies

6 on Health: Better work-out: yoga or the gym?

6 On Health: Toxic-zapping treatment for the heart?

6 on Health: New Adhesion Treatment

6 on Health: Ways to cure Fragile X in children

6 on Health: Reversing Wernicke Syndrome in Alcoholics

6 on Health: Which contact lenses are the safest?

6 On Health: When to start feeding babies real food

6 on Health: Urine test for prostate cancer

6 on Health: Dancing Through Marfan Syndrome

6 on Health: Laughing depression away

6 on Health: New remarkable treatment for lung cancer

6 on Health: Plastic surgery for outie belly buttons

6 on Health: New technology to monitor patients with congestive heart failure

6 on Health: Changing lives with custom prosthetics

6 on Health:Acupuncture for pelvic pain

6 On Health: Assessment to gage Alzheimer's risk

6 On Health: Doctors removing tumors without leaving scars

6 On Health: Help for mental health patients through video-conferencing

6 on Health: Save your heart through your wrist

6 on Health: Steps to prevent prostate cancer

6 On Health: Doctors working on vaccine to stop melanoma

6 On Health: Ways to help autistic children develop social skills

6 On Health: Children with diabetes helping to manage their own healthcare

6 on Health: Preemie Privacy: Better for Baby

6 on Health: Stem Cells For Diabetes

6 On Health: Premature births

6 On Health: New therapy to treat Type 1 diabetes

6 On Health: Doctor says what you're eating could be preventing a pregnancy

6 on Health: Voms Test For Concussion

6 on Health: New drug for lung cancer

6 On Health: Doctors using adults stem cells to cure disease

6 On Health: Living donor liver transplants

6 On Health: Self-injury cases; what experts say about the behavior

6 On Health: New Breast Cancer Treatment

6 On Health: An Avocado A Day

6 On Health: Irritable bowel syndrome future treatment

6 On Health: Children suffering from Graves disease; condition sometimes hard to diagnosed

6 On Health:Therapy that's helping stroke patients with speech

6 on Health: Kidney Stones in Children

6 On Health: Faster Stress Test For Hearts

6 On Health: Sleep drunkenness condition

6 On Health: New clinical trial for cancer patients

6 On Health: Is veganism for you?

6 on Health: Treating back pain without surgery

6 On Health: Tips to keep your athletes healthy

6 On Health: Surgical solution for symptom of Graves disease

6 On Health: What doctors are saying about "leaky gut syndrome"

6 On Health: Unusual approach to fighting cancer

6 on Health: Knowing the signs of a stroke

6 on Health: Saving Sal

6 On Health: New technology increasing odds for couples to have a family

6 On Health: How treatments for childhood kidney cancer are affecting patients as they get older

6 On Health: Link between kidney disease and heart problems

6 on Health:Six Heart Healthy Tips

6 on Health: Art For Conception

6 On Health: Doctors have new way to predict shoulder and elbow injuries

6 On Health: Doctors working to help cancer patients suffering from heart disease caused by cancer medication

6 On Health: Newly FDA-approved device for epilepsy patients

6 on Health: Help for sleepy teenagers

6 on Health: New treatment for brain tumor patients

6 On Health: New surgical procedure to repair Achilles tendon

6 On Health: Undergoing spinal surgery? Questions you'll want to ask

6 On Health: Massage techniques to get M.S. patients relief

6 on Health: Guilty-free sweet treats

6 on Health: First person to use new ventricular assistant device following heart attacks

6 On Health: Diagnosing breast cancer through molecular testing

6 On Health: Six foods packed with sodium

6 On Health: Impact of Vitamin D on cancer

6 on Health: Too much sweet in what you eat

6 on Health: Infections from Prostate Biopsies

6 On Health: New breast reconstruction after double mastectomy

6 On Health: Doctors testing new treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

6 On Health: New treatment for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

6 on Health: Regenlite Laser for Skin Inflammation

6 on Health: Sleep Apnea in Kids

6 on Health: Raising awareness about sepsis

6 On Health: New technology helps woman to walk again

6 On Health: Sushi growing in popularity among children; Learn what age they can eat raw seafood

6 on Health: Physical Therapy For Infertility

6 on Health: Better Ebola Suit

6 On Health: New drug for melanoma patients

6 On Health: New device to help stroke patients

6 On Health: New treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia

6 on Health: Vasectomy Reversal

6 on Health: Difference between Strep or something else

6 On Health: Wearable technology helping patients

6 On Health: See how doctors aggressively fighting prostate cancer

6 On Health: Antibiotic resistant infections

6 on Health:Snakelike robotic device fighting cancer

6 on Health: Limb Transplant Gel

6 On Health: Could medical marijuana help pets?

6 On Health: Doctors using different method to deal with knee pain

6 On Health: New paralysis study involving stem cells giving patients hope

6 on Health: Platelet Bioreactor

6 On Health: Stem Cells Reverse MS

6 On Health: Aquatherapy

6 On Health: Spotting Schizophrenia

6 On Health: Reasons not to go the cheap route for cosmetic procedures

6 On Health:Proton Therapy For Kids

6 On Health: Teens and Sports

6 On Health: New surgery for patients suffering from choking-related condition

6 On Health: Seven minute workout to get body you desire

6 On Health: Woman suffering from cystic fibrosis needed two transplants

6 on Health: New warnings for moms-to-be

6 On Health: Mystery Disease: Fingernails Tell All

6 On Health: Dangers of taking testosterone

6 On Health: Artifical kidney for dialysis patients

6 On Health: Open Wide, Dental Myths Debunked

6 On Health: Allergic to allergy medicine

6 On Health: Drug Free Pain Relief

6 On Health: Doctors using new surgical device to perform hysterectomies

6 On Health: Potential alternative treatments to be studied to help combat ALS

6 On Health: Blood Cleansing Biospleen Attacks Sepsis

6 On Health: Learning: Make It Stick

6 On Health: Focused Ultrasound: Heating Up Brain Tumors

6 On Health: Doctors use MRI to help detect prostate cancer earlier

6 On Health: Doctors using robotic surgical equipment for better results

6 On Health: Easier fix for bad backs

6 On Health: Boutique Medicine: Pay as you go healthcare?

6 On Health: Anthrax being used to fight cancer

6 On Health: Sleep thieves parents should know about

6 On Health: The key to looking and feeling younger

6 On Health: New therapy is motivating patients using art

6 On Health: Marathon Heart

6 On Health: Doctors try to find cure for mysterious disease

6 On Health: New treatment for non-alcoholic liver disease

6 On Health: How to avoid heart problems

6 On Health: Scanning the brain: Unraveling Autism

6 On Health: Helping Adults With Autism Thrive

6 On Health: Acute viral myocarditis -- sudden death cases

6 On Health: A chemical in broccoli sprouts may help autism patients

6 On Health: Newer and safer ways to repair aneurysms

6 On Health: Treating Austim in babies

6 On Health: ECMO: Saving Hearts

6 On Health: Work toward advances in brain surgery

6 On Health: Crohn's disease therapy at work

6 On Health: How simple surgery repairs martial arts competitor's arm

6 on Health: A blood pressure medication could help with Parkinson's

6 On Health: Paper Test for Ebola

6 On Health: New app could help psychosis patients from relapsing

Robot assists in surgeries at CHRISTUS Hospital St. Elizabeth

6 On Health: Doctors testing new way to treat peripheral arterial disease

6 On Health: Vaccine to treat HPV virus, which causes cancer

6 on Health: Carbon Back Rods for Scoliosis

6 On Health: LVAD Helps Heart

6 On Health: New research may one day help Alzheimer's patients

6 On Health: Have high cholesterol? Doctor explains how to lower cholesterol without taking statins

6 On Health: New treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis

6 on Health: Prostate Cancer: What's Your Risk?

6 On Health: Brain Path For Tricky Tumors

6 On Health: Gene Therapy: Hope For The Blind?

6 On Health: Stopping NEC In the NICU

6 On Health: Preventing and treating osteoporosis

6 On Health: Robotic Spine Surgery

6 On Health: Stroke Care on the Go

6 On Health: What you need to know about Ebola verses the flu

6 On Health: Do you have sinus problems? Learn about a new treatment

6 On Health: Gastric pacemake to the rescue

6 On Health: Stem Cells: A Weapon for Huntington's?

6 On Health: FDA approves melanoma drug that's yielding impressive results

6 On Health: Unusual treatment for seizures when nothing else would work

6 on Health: Bounce back from stomach bug with probiotics

6 On Health: Cancer Gene: Medicines next big thing?

6 On Health: Sleep apnea in women

6 On Health: News drugs to treat deadly lung disease

6 On Health: Futuristic, smart home for elderly residents

6 on Health: Thyroid cancer in children

6 On Health: Apostherapy: Shoes for Pain

6 On Health: New technology helping with pressure on the brain

6 On Health: Detecting lung cancer early through new screening method

6 On Health: More younger adults developing cataracts

6 on Health: Five natural remedies for gerd

6 On Health: Posture shirt helping back muscles

6 On Health: Children with fatty-liver disease

6 On Health: Thoracic outlet syndrome often misdiagnosed

6 On Health: Hip resurfacing vs hip replacement

6 On Health: Fetal surgery for Spina Bifida babies

6 On Health: Healthy Holiday Eating

6 On Health: New drug may help some female cancer patients to remain fertile

6 On Health: Eating dark green foods for good health

6 on Health: Special hospital uniforms could help to fight the spread of infections

6 On Health: Creative coping improves cancer recovery

6 On Health: Alzheimer's Hope

6 On Health: New way to detect melanoma skin cancer

6 On Health: Lymphedema treatment giving patients hope

6 on Health: Treating the blood cancer multiple myeloma

6 on Health: Concussions; the female factor

6 On Health: Chronic Inflammation and Prostate Cancer

6 On Health: Blood transfusions helping children in sickle cell silent stroke cases

6 On Health: Another treatment for eye cancer; doctors saving patients' eyesight

6 On Health: New treatment could slow progress of liver disease

6 on Health: Ortho-K -- contact lens treatment that reshapes the eye

6 on Health: Genome Project legacy: advancements in gene therapy

Stem Cells to Repair Broken Chromosomes

6 On Health: New therapy successfully treating HIV

6 On Health: New technology to treat macular degeneration

6 On Health: Researchers to soon test therapy on patients with progressive blindness condition

6 on Health: Nov. 3, 2014 New gene therapies for Hemophilia

6 On Health: British study on Daylight Savings time and children's health

6 On Health: Death cafes popping up across the country

6 On Health: New hair replacement procedure

6 on Health: Ancient Chinese are of cupping may help you.

6 on Health: Miniature device monitors heart health

6 on Health: Students and physical fights at school

6 On Health: Facts about sleep and your health

6 On Health: New ways to treat super bugs in hospitals

6 On Health: Little girl suffers spinal cord injury; see what she is doing to get better

6 On Health: New FDA-approved treatment for wrinkles

6 On Health: Preventing testicular cancer from becoming fatal

6 On Health: An alternative to open-heart surgery

6 On Health: See how researchers are improving diagnosis for thyroid cancer

6 On Health: Ankle replacement surgery becoming increasingly more common

6 On Health: Children who suffer from asthma may be able to live symptom free

6 On Health: Once a cure, now a culprit -- later effects of infant cancer treatment

6 On Health: New procedure for removing polyps

6 On Health: Questions answered about knee replacement surgery

6 On Health: Removing brain tumors with laser surgery rather than traditional surgery

6 on Health: Aligning teeth faster

6 on Health: Keeping hearts running without pacemakers

6 On Health: Reconstructing breasts following cancer treatment

6 On Health: Mobile Apps saving lives

6 On Health: How blood clots affect children

6 On Health: Young people can suffer strokes

6 On Health: See procedure doctors using to help with knee pain

6 On Health: How doctor's are fixing abnormal heart rhythms in child patients

6 On Health: Big business in helping people lose weight

6 On Health: Alice in Wonderland syndrome

6 On Health: You could be suffering from ADHD and not know it

6 On Health: Laser treatment helping to fight skin cancer

6 On Health: New procedure helping patients with painful hand condition

6 On Health: After losing her young son, a mother on a mission to keep other children from drowning

6 On Health: Doctors believe choline could prevent mental illness

6 On Health: Are you eating the best super foods?

6 On Health: New treatment for prostate cancer patients

6 On Health: New treatment for progressive brain cancer

6 On Health: Plastic surgery becoming more popular among senior citizens

6 On Health: 3D movie glasses helping brain surgeons as they perform operations

6 On Health: Unlocking the mysteries of autism


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