The stage is set for the historic first debate between Texas gubernatorial candidates Attorney General Greg Abbott and Senator Wendy Davis. They will square off at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance in the Rio Grande Valley.


The two will duke it out over key issues like abortion, immigration, border security and education.


You can watch the entire debate live online. If you have questions for the candidates, use the hashtag #rgvdebate on Twitter.


This is the first time in 14 years that Texas will elect a new governor. The debate will last one hour and rules have been pre approved by both participants.


Representatives from each side participated in a coin toss to decide who will answer the first debate question and who will ask the first candidate to candidate question. Each question will have a response time of one minute, and each rebuttal will have a response time of 45 seconds.


Wendy Davis won the coin toss and opted to start the debate by answering the first question. As a result,Greg Abbott will have the final remarks by going last for closing statements.


A great twist will be the candidate to candidate questions which are sure to set off some fireworks as Abbott and Davis battle one another over the airwaves with attack commercials.

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