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  • Orthopedic Surgery and Premier Surgical Associates

    Orthopedic Surgery and Premier Surgical Associates

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    Permian Premier Surgical Associates of Southeast Texas provides outstanding, state-of-the-art care for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions right here in your neighborhood.  Whether you need to repair a broken bone or learn about joint replacement surgery, Dr. Bank Dahl and the board certified surgical professionals at Permian Premierare here to help. They provide a full complement of orthopedic services for injuries and conditions involving bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.They also continuously study the outcomes of their practice and use that information to evolve and improve the quality of their patient care. 

    The skilled surgeons at Permian Premier work closely with Permian Premiere’s Primary Care providers to give you a focused and cohesive plan for your overall health.  Permian Premier’s offices are located right next to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas on Jimmy Johnson Blvd., in Port Arthur. 

    To Schedule an appointment or find out more, call 409-853-5268.

    Permian Premiere Medical Services of Southeast Texas-in your neighborhood.

  • Meet Dr. Kristine Banks Dahl

    Meet Dr. Kristine Banks Dahl

    Dr. Banks Dahl is the foremost expert in sports related injuries in the Golden Triangle.  Her patients include athletes at Lamar University and most of the area’s junior high and high school athletic programs. 

    After graduating as Valedictorian of Ada High School, Dr. Kristine Banks Dahl obtained a tennis scholarship to attend Woffard College where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.  She received her Sports Medicine Fellowship at American Sports Medicine in Lemark, and attended Medical School at Medical University of Ohio.  While there her many honors included recognition as the Outstanding Orthopedic Student of the Year in 2006.

    Dr. Bank Dahl specializes in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine which includes:

    -         Pediatrics:  fractures, sprains, sports injuries

    -         Generic:  sports injuries, fractures, arthritis

    -         Knee:  ligament and cartilage (ACL, MCL, meniscus)

    -         Total knee arthroplasty

    -         Arthroscopic surgery:  knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow

    -         Ankle ligament reconstruction

    -         Rotator cuff instability

    She is a member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the American Medical Women’s Association. Her wide range of personal interests include running, painting, and travel.

    View Dr. Banks Dahl’s interviews as she talks about her passion-Sports Medicine, the often mentioned ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), the Meniscus, and Arthrosopic Surgery.

    Dr. Banks Dahl is affiliated with Permian Premiere Health Centers and her rapidly growing practice is currently accepting new patients.  She speaks both English and Vietnamese.  Contact her office for an appointment at 409-853-5268.

  • Permian Premier Medical Services of Southeast Texas-Locations

    Permian Premier Medical Services of Southeast Texas-Locations

    Permian Premier Medical Services of Southeast Texas is in your neighborhood and right next to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. Our family of 13 Primary Care Physicians also has locations throughout Mid and South County, Bridge City and Port Arthur.  Our Surgeons include General, Cancer, Colorectal, Cardiovascular, and Orthopedic Surgeons, all within close proximity to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas in Port Arthur.   With over 30 physicians and practitioners in your community Permian Premier can provide you with a comprehensive and cohesive healthcare plan.

    Schedule your appointment by calling (409) 853-5268 or visit us at


    Permian Premier

    2501 Jimmy Johnson Blvd.

    Port Arthur (next to the Medical Center)

    Main (409) 853-5268


    Arcala, Arcala, & Associates Family Practice                      409-724-6116

    Kristine Banks Dahl, MD - Sports Medicine Orthopedics   409-853-5144

    Carl Beaudry, MD - Port Arthur Bone & Joint                      409-722-4446

    Lei Chu, MD Urology                                                              409-853-5135

    Pain Management & Rehabilitation                                       409-853-5102

              Colbert, Christle, MD

              McHugh, Ryan, MD

    Permian Premier Surgical Associates                                   409-853-5990

              Harmoush, Issam, MD - General & Cancer Surgeon

              Obokhare, Izi, MD - General & Colorectal Surgeon

              Miller, O LaWayne, MD - CV Surgeon

              Weatherford, Stephen C, MD - CV Surgeon

    Dr. Obokhare Otolaryngology & Facial Plastics                  409-853-5147

    Dr. Tho Tran Psychiatry                                                         409-853-5127

    Port Arthur Medical Clinic                                                     409-729-2955

              Williamson, Allen Clayton Jr, DO

              Williamson, Kathryn, DO


    SudhirAlampur, MD – Gastroenterology                                409-722-2555

    2400 Hwy 365, Suite 208

    Nederland, TX 77627


    Christopher Bell, DO - Family Medicine                                409-729-2266

              Faulk, Sabrina, Nurse Practitioner

    520 S. Twin City hwy, Suite 102

    Nederland, TX  77627


    Mid County Family Clinic                                                          409-727-4422

              Huber, Tighe, MD

              Kotzur, Francis J., MD

    1409 South Hwy 69

    Nederland, TX 77627


    Rama Veluswamy, MD - Internal Medicine                             409-722-9188

    1323 South 27th St., Suite 800

    Nederland, TX 77627


    Robert Bowling, DO - Family Medicine                                  409-722-0000

              Bell, Melanie, Physician Asst.

    3135 Saba Lane

    Port Neches, TX 77651


    John Lee, DO - Family Doctor's Clinic                                   409-722-5533

              McGee, Leah Ann, Nurse Practitioner

    2234 Nederland Ave.

    Port Neches, TX 77651


    Roussel Clement, MD - Internal Medicine                                 409-962-4400

              Broussard, Craig, Nurse Practitioner

              Roderick, Myrna, Nurse Practitioner

    6265 39th St

    Groves, TX 77619


    Wesley Palmer, DO - Family Practice                                    409-735-7157                Bradberry, Reatha, Nurse Practitioner

    2162 Texas Avenue

    Bridge City, TX 77611


    Percenti, Michael C. DPM - Mid-County Foot Specialists    409-722-4141

    7980 Anchor Dr., Building 200

    Port Arthur, TX 77642


    At Permian Premier Health Services, we believe we can make a difference in the lives of our patients, and our community.

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