6 on Health: Groves man donates kidney to wife

6 on Health: Groves man donates kidney to wife

A Southeast Texas woman is on the road to recovery from kidney disease, after she says her husband saved her life.

Dawn Ward's husband Billy donated his kidney to her after her illness took a turn for the worst.

About two years ago, Dawn was told that she would need a donor. Two friends tried to help, but neither was a match.

She lived her whole life with kidney disease, and she knew how deadly it could be.

Doctors tested Billy next and found out that he was a perfect match.

Last weekend the couple went to Houston for the surgery, and now they are both recovering. They are also encouraging others to donate the gift of life.

Dawn had a check-up Thursday in Houston. She'll have to do several follow-up visits with doctors.

If you are interested in learning more about kidney transplants, visit the website donatelife.net.

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