Sleep Training Your Baby: 6 on Health sponsored by Beaumont Emergency Center

    Suzie Gaiser linked sleep training to taming a wild stallion. But pediatric sleep consultant, Katie Kovaleski, is a baby whisperer. She says don’t wait until your child falls asleep then tip-toe out of the room. You want them to learn to fall asleep on their own. To do that, focus on these elements.

    First, a consistent bed-time routine. Also, make their environment comfortable. The bedroom should be a dark room with white noise at 73-degrees or cooler. Consider stopping nighttime feedings when they are four months or older. Above all, find the right sleep training method for you. Gaiser chose the “check and console” method, which encourages parents not to check every time the child cries.

    It wasn’t easy, but by day four Suzie's son, Greyson, was sleeping like, well, a baby. But Kovaleski Says whether your method is more attachment parenting, or co-sleeping, you have to be consistent every single day to make it come together.

    In this case, happy baby makes happy parents.

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