Beaumont adoption

BEAUMONT -by Ashley Gaston - A Beaumont couple found a 10 week old baby in a bucket, abandoned, suffering from club foot in a village in Belize. The couple brought the baby back to Texas.

Now the couple's friends are giving little Sarah a forever family.

It's a day that couldn't come soon enough for Xuan and Aaron Smith.

They've waited for the opportunity to appear before a Jefferson county judge for 6 years.

"One day Xuan walked in and said hey there's this girl that needs a family at the clinic and I was like let's go for it," said Aaron Smith.

Aaron's wife, Xuan volunteered at a pediatric clinic in Beaumont where she met Sarah, a one year old girl from Belize who was receiving treatment for club foot.

Sarah's mother had abandoned her in Belize. Another Beaumont family brought her here to get help.

"We thought she would be a perfect fit for our family," said Xuan.

And the Smiths fell in love with Sarah. Over the years, a number of surgeries and orthotics on both her feet. Sarah is now an active 7 year old.

And to make her life complete she needed the Judge's approval to have the last name of Smith.

"She completes our family, a lot of kids do need a home and a family so be open minded and open your hearts and they can really complete your family," said Xuan.

Not only has Sarah gained parents, she now has a forever family made up of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grand-parents.

A little girl's life forever changed by coming to Texas.

The Smith's fought a long legal battle to get the government of Belize to allow Sarah to give up her citizenship.

She'll have to have more surgeries when she becomes a teenager.
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