Forever Families: Sibling group of 7 wants Mom and Dad

In our ongoing partnership with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, where we here at KFDM are working to help match the more than Sixty-Two Hundred foster children of Texas with their "Forever Family."

KFDM would like to introduce you to a special group of seven siblings, who are looking for that one special family to be their forever family, as children never outgrown the need for a parent.

Meet; Natalie, Barbie, Christopher, Celia, Micheal, Juanita and last but not least Jesus... Four girls and three boys"| who are seven siblings seeking someone they can call mom and dad and share the love they have for each other with a forever family.

Natalie is a bright, active 16 year old who is the eldest of the seven, . She loves her siblings and really enjoys spending time with them. Natalie makes friends easily, enjoys using her iPad, and has a passion for math and English. She also loves to read and do arts and crafts. Just like her siblings, Natalie is an avid outdoorsy kind of girl who likes to ride her bike and go to the park.

Barbie who is 15 years old loves to make people laugh and to have fun. Barbie has artistic talent and enjoys making bracelets, drawing, and doing arts and crafts. Some of her favorite subjects in school include science, math and history. Barbie likes outdoor activities like fishing, riding bikes, playing hide & seek, and tag. When asked if she could wish for anything, what it would be, one of her answers was to have a family.

Christopher who is 13 loves spending time with his siblings, as he is known for his kind heart, generosity, and caring for others. He can be shy at times, but he warms up easily once he gets to know people, as he enjoys being in the company of others. Christopher has an athletic nature, loves sports, and has big dreams of becoming a football player one day.

12 year old Celia can be described as shy, but once she becomes comfortable, she is quite a talker. She is an extremely loving person and loves being with her brothers and sisters in the same home. Just like her siblings, Celia loves to be outside and play games. Celia wants families to know she is a happy person and believes in being nice to those around her.

Michael is a very smart and active 11 year old who loves to play outdoors with hot wheels and playing sports. Micheal enjoys helping out around the house and tends to be shy and reserved, but he gets along easily with others. He loves dogs would like families to know he is a good person who loves helping others.

Juanita is a very smart 9 year old who loves to laugh and is known for her sense of humor. She loves her siblings dearly and enjoys spending time with them, as she has an easy-going attitude. Juanita loves using her imagination to play with her Barbie dolls and enjoys being surrounded by others she can play with. As she makes friends easily and loves outdoor activities and going to the park. Juanita possesses a deep curiosity and passion for learning.

The youngest at age 7 is Jesus who is a very happy and always has a big smile, he is a very compassionate and happy child who loves his siblings and possess an unmatched passion for life. Jesus loves being outdoors and playing sports, with basketball and football being two of his favorites.

If you think you could be the forever family for these seven siblings or for one of the other sixty-two hundred Texas children in the states care please call 951-3354 or log onto
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