Two sisters in need of a Forever Family

KFDM News - In Wednesday's Forever Family segment, KFDM's Dana Melancon introduces us to two fun-hearted girls looking for a place to call home...

Finding a perfect Forever Family for one child can be a herculean task at times. Imagine that times two. Meet Eliza and Chyna.

They share a special bond evident through how they play with one another.

They enjoy watching movies together.

Eliza, Chyna and their brother Derrick have been through a lot together and have made great strides.

Eliza enjoys being in the role of a big sister to her siblings, even though they have an older sister who is not part of the adoption.

Eliza takes pride in helping her brother with communicating through sign language and is very nurturing towards him.

Eliza and Chyna both share similar interests.

Eliza is a girlie girl who enjoys painting her nails, playing with her dolls, listening to music, coloring, and watching television.

Likewise, Chyna enjoys some of the same things, but is more of an outdoors person.

She also loves to sing in the church choir.

Derrick is the baby of the group and being adopted separately.

Eliza and Chyna want a family who will help build them up and encourage them to reach their full potential.
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