Why not me? Forever Families Series

SOUTHEAST TEXAS - by ASHLEY GASTON - Children never out-grow the need for parents. Family and protective services has started a new campaign called, why not me?

Tonight in our forever families series you will get to meet four children who've asked their case-workers several times why not me? Why haven't I been adopted?

Abrasha is 12 years old. C-p-s removed her from her parents when she was two. She lives in a foster home in Mexia. Abrasha is playful and sweet.

Pedro is 15 years old. He is very happy and easy to get along with. He loves sports and enjoys living in Texas. Regarless of his age, Pedro still hopes that one day; someone will open their heart to him and give him a place to call home.

J'Ln is eleven years old. He's in the fifth grade. He loves science, social studies, making new friends and playing sports. J'Lyn would fit well with a family with younger siblings. He is often looked up to as a big brother and he takes pride in that role.

Robert is also eleven years old. He is smart and funny and enjoys playing outside. Robert has waited a long time to be adopted, but he is not giving up.

There are thousands of children just like Robert and others who would like to be adopted. It is very easy to look up children in our area who are in the foster care system. All you have to do is go to adopt children dot org and click on the left tab that say view waiting children and you can search for whoever you would best fit your family.

Click below to find a child that would best fit your home.


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