Pay it Forward: Recipient Phuong Conway making a difference rescuing unwanted cats

Pay it Forward: Recipient Phuong Conway making a difference rescuing abandoned and unwanted cats

Judy Havens, wrote the following when nominating Phuong Conway for the DuGood Federal Credit Union/KFDM Pay it Forward award:

Phuong runs the Conway Cat Snip program and has recently started Meezer's Cat Rescue.

She works at a vet clinic and because of her efforts, hundreds of cats have been saved and neutered or spayed.

She has a very loyal team of fosters who go out of their way to support her, but each cat she takes in needs supplies and vet care.

They have many expenses and could really benefit from the Pay It Forward prize. It would also be a wonderful opportunity to educate the public about how important fixing cats is and how expensive it is to take in sick or infant cats.

Many people get upset with her when she can't take more when they're desperate to give away a mother and babies, for example.

It requires fosters and lots of money.

She wants to save them all, and the heart-ache associated with all the good deeds she does takes its toll.

She deserves to win and the public could use some reminders during this "kitten season."

Everybody who has met or benefited from Phuong's efforts recognizes her good heart and all the hard work she devotes to this cause.

It would also be nice for her to have a venue to mention that they keep a public wishlist on Amazon for people to donate the constant supplies they need to keep running.

Please choose Phuong so that she can receive some of the help she so desperately needs and Channel 6 can take the opportunity to educate the public.

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