What is an eclipse? KFDM/KBTV offers a thorough explanation


In exactly one week, a solar eclipse will be visible from coast to coast.

We'll see a partial solar eclipse here in Southeast Texas.

While solar eclipses are not that rare, it's very rare for them to pass across the entire continental United States.

To understand, we need a space eye view. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves in front of, or eclipses, the sun.

Just like anything that blocks the sun, the moon cast a shadow. Those on earth who are in the path of that shadow witness a total eclipse.

Anyone to side of the path sees a partial eclipse. That shadow is only 70 miles wide, but the solar eclipse next week will cross the continental United States from coast to coast, which hasn't happened for almost 100 years.

Click here for more information on where to watch the solar eclipse in Beaumont.

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