Beaumont night club getting criticized for post made after death of 27-year-old

Original Facebook post by Club Rumba.

Hundreds came to grieve and remember with Livings' friends and family, while online, the club where Ronald was killed outside was drawing criticism.

"I just can't cry anymore because my heart is filled with join cause long as my heart is filled with joy and my baby is up in heaven and he's looking down, he's saying wow look how much love I have," says Brenda Owens, Ronald's mother.

A post made on Facebook by 'Club Rumba' after the shooting occurred outside its club said, 'The event last night just outside our facilities was a black event, it does not relate to our Latin people'.

This was deleted and replaced by another post, where the manager and owner expressed condolences, then said the event inside Club Rumba was a private rap party, where the incident started.

Calls made to the owner and manager of Club Rumba were not returned.

"A fight broke out inside, the security that they had there escorted everyone out, the people involved went and got guns and started firing at each other," says Officer Carol Riley of Beaumont Police Department.

Riley says the investigation has stalled due to little usable surveillance video from the club and surrounding stores, and the lack of witnesses coming forward.

"The information we're getting is a lot of third-party hearsay, things like that," says Riley. "The actual people that have been involved are not coming forward, a lot of them were gone and left the area before we got there."

Club Rumba has had plenty of police activity in the past. Beaumont police records show twenty two calls for assistance were made to the club in the past three months. Of those, 10 were assault or disturbance calls.

"You have to think about our call loads are on the weekends and things like that and when in fact officers were in the area and responded as quick as they could," says Riley.

No arrests have been made at this time, and police are asking if you have information to come forward.

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