Exclusive: Utah Sen. Hatch says leaks must stop

    EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Utah Senator Hatch says leaks must stop. (PHOTO: KUTV).

    (KUTV) Sen. Orrin Hatch opened up in an exclusive interview, addressing concerns about recent leaks.

    "I think there's a whole demographic of revolutionaries who are trying to destroy him, Donald Trump, if they can get away with it. So you're going to see more of this."

    Hatch says the president needs to be able to "talk turkey" privately with international leaders.

    As for the tone of Trump's comments, Hatch says many people also were bothered by some of Obama's remarks, yet respect was still paid to the Office of the President.

    On the question of whether the end could ever justify the means in an instance such as this, Hatch firmly said no, and said such leaks must stop.

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