Southeast Texas Congressmen want taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements exposed


The two Congressmen who represent Southeast Texas in Washington D.C. say any member of Congress who used taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment complaints should be exposed and their names made public.

According to Congressional records, since 1997, members of Congress have spent $17 million to settle 264 claims of workplace misconduct. The money comes from an account funded by taxpayers.

We reached out to our Southeast Texas representatives - Republicans Brian Babin and Randy Weber - for their reaction.

Babin said it is very disturbing and unacceptable that taxpayer money was used to settle and hide sexual harassment complaints against members of Congress.

Members of Congress who did this should be made public, Babin said.

"Their constituents and the American taxpayers deserve better."

Congressman Weber told us, "Sexual harassment has no place in society, especially in the halls of Congress. Taxpayer money has no business being used in harassment settlements. This was a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars. These instances are under investigation by House ethics."

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a resolution requiring each of its members to complete training in workplace rights and responsibilities.

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