Early voting numbers up for 2018 election

Friday is the last day of early voting in El Paso County.

More than 28,000 voters have already cast their votes, according to the latest numbers from the El Paso County Elections Department.

That's 6,000 more than all of early voting in 2014.

"We're actually right at the percentagewise that we were for a presidential year two years ago, which is unheard of in a midterm -- that usually drops off. So we're pretty happy right now with how things are going with getting the voters processed at a pretty good pace. Today is always our busiest day. I think we'll hit well over 30,000 early voters," said Lisa Wise, El Paso County elections administrator.

Wise said early voting typically makes up 50 percent of overall voters.

There are more than 440,000 registered voters in El Paso County.

Election Day is Tuesday.

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