$70k worth of items, including family heirlooms, stolen from safe

$70,000 worth of items stolen

A Jasper County man says he had $70k worth of items, which included family heirlooms, stolen from what he thought was an "impenetrable" safe.

"I lost all my guns, my father's guns, my brother's guns, my grandfather's guns," says Jimmy Granger. "I also lost my parents wedding set, my mother's rings, computers and ammunition."

Granger says he walked to the front door of his house Tuesday evening and noticed his front window was broken in. When he checked inside his house, he instantly noticed something was wrong.

"i noticed where they lifted my bed covers, that's where all my ammo," says Granger. "They had probably 2,000 rounds of ammo wadded up that they were dragging through the house."

Granger said 25 guns were stolen when thieves somehow broke Granger's code and helped himself.

"Money will never replace them. Those are memories. Those are keepsakes that are gone for good," says Granger.

Granger is offering a $500 reward for information towards the arrest of the suspects. If you have information, contact the Jasper County Sheriff's Office.

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