Advisory committee to help communication between PAPD and citizens


Port Arthur Police Chief Patrick Melvin announced an advisory committee Wednesday. The committee will help facilitate communication between Port Arthur citizens and the police department.

The committee of sixteen members includes former Mayor Bobbie "Deloris Prince, clergy, and lawyers, which Reginald Trainer says is a good mix of Port Arthur citizens.

"He got citizens involved, those who were for him and those against him, all of us coming together on one common goal: to see what was best for the city," says Trainer.

The committee will be the 'eyes and ears' for the Chief. The committee will be able to hear the problems citizens will have and report it to the chief.

"We talk about it, we brainstorm it, and then we're able to come back out to the public and advise them of what's really going on," says Trainer.

Port Arthur resident Audrey Ledry says having people of different backgrounds and ages will help get all the citizens voices heard.

"We should be able to control a lot of the problems we're having in the city," says Ledry.

The committee will meet once a month.

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