Senior housing complex proposed to Beaumont City Council


The Beaumont Housing Authority went to Beaumont City Council Tuesday afternoon, to propose building a senior apartment complex near the great lawn in downtown Beaumont.

The Housing Authority has over seven thousand people on its waiting list. Of those, six hundred or more are seniors, which the complex that'll have 150 units will be able to cut into.

"We would acquire the land, give [the city] full market value, we apply to the state for funding, the state sends tax credits to us and we sell it to private investors," says Beaumont Housing Authority Executive Director, Robert Reyna. "We're basically bringing the money to the table to build the thing".

At Beaumont City Hall, they spoke to city council on how the affordable complex will benefit both the city and the community.

They need city council's approval to build on the land, as the city owns it. They're also competing with private competitors and contractors who will be proposing their complexes at the spot as well.

The proposal, well received by those in attendance.

"I can foresee potentially a drugstore coming in, a small supermarket, something like that can really be the catalyst to make downtown blossom," said councilman Mike Getz.

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