Beaumont middle school student picked as ambassador for new STEM program

    Beaumont middle school student Gavin Syas picked as ambassador for new STEM program <p>{/p}

    Eighth grade Marshall Middle School student Gavin Syas says he wants to be an actor, but also a programmer and an engineer.

    Ambition is just one of the qualities "Back to Space" president Michael Gorton was looking for when searching for student ambassadors across the U.S for his new and exclusive science, technology, engineering and mathematics program.

    "Our goal [for Back to Space] is to turn around a very negative trend in science, technology, technology and math," Gorton says.

    "The trend is that 25 years ago, we were producing more engineers than anybody in the world. Now we're in third place and about to fall into fourth place."

    Gorton says the job of a student ambassador is to promote more involvement in STEM among students the same way they are involved with pop-culture.

    "A 15 year old kid playing Fortnite is working just as hard as kids like Gavin who are going to change the world someday. How can we get the Fortnite kid to use that same energy into STEM?"

    According to the Back to Space website, their main mission is to make STEM a focus in pop-culture.

    Gavin is serving in the first ever group of ambassadors for the program. He is one of 25 chosen across the U.S, and one of three middle school students within the 25.

    "I hope it brings more opportunities to Beaumont," Gavin says.

    "[And that] much more companies like, Space X, maybe, will want to come down here and just do more activities with kids as they see our STEM program expanding."

    For more information on how you can get involved in Back to Space, visit:

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