Becky Ames seeks to become Beaumont's longest serving mayor, but she faces 2 challengers


    This year the City of Beaumont is celebrating its 180th anniversary, which adds to Mayor Becky Ames' enthusiasm about seeking re-election to an office she's held since 2007. Her motto throughout all those years, "It's another great day in Beaumont", the incumbent promises many more great days under her leadership.

    "I'm an excited person cause my glass is always half full, but this time I'm really excited because of the economic growth. It's really exciting to look into the next two years of what we may be able to accomplish that we have not even talked about yet," said Ames.

    What Mayor Ames, 60, is talking about are her accomplishments: financial stability, quality of life projects and her leadership through Hurricane Ike and Tropical Storm Harvey.

    If re-elected, Ames would become the longest serving mayor in Beaumont's history. She is facing challenges from two other candidates, and there could be more since the filing deadline runs through February 15th.

    Josh Yates, 31, is a political newcomer seeking to unseat the long-term mayor. He says change is needed.

    His strategy to pursue an untapped voting block, young people. Yates said, "Young people this is our time to stand up and really be heard, and that's what I want the younger generation to understand, get out there and let our voices be heard."

    The other candidate, Geary Senigaur Jr, 45, says he already has the following to effect change.

    "I can relate with the upper class, middle class, lower class, I believe I'm the people's champ."

    Senigaur champions an anti-crime campaign, with the slogan "Stop The Violence."

    The business owner tells us the same complaints and same cries from citizens have gone unanswered for years, but he says he's proven to not only be a voice for the people, he also listens to their needs.

    All seats on Beaumont city council will be on the May 4th ballots, and all incumbents are running for re-election.

    Challengers who have entered the fray, include Jefferson Fisher, challenging incumbent Ward 2 Councilman Mike Getz, and Eric Anthony Renfro is an at-large candidate along with incumbents W.L. Pate and Bill Sam.

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