Bernsen releases player menus to bolster Bruder's defense

Attorney Cade Bernsen says a menu bolsters the claim that former LU head women's softball coach Holly Bruder did not violate a player's religious beliefs during Lent.

The player, Paige Holmes, says she gave up bread for Lent, and was not allowed to eat meat on Fridays, based on her Catholic faith.

Bernsen says the menus show Holmes, who wore #24, placed orders during Lent that included sandwiches with bread, and quesadillas made with tortillas.

KFDM spoke with Holmes' father, who says his daughter absolutely did not order a sandwich with meat on the Friday that led to the dispute. He says when the sandwich arrived with meat, Paige told the LU staff she wanted to order a tuna salad-and staff said she couldn't.

Holmes claims the sandwich order was for the following day, and he says those orders are placed a day ahead of time.

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