BISD associate superintendent Dr. Allen gives update on merger of two Beaumont schools

BISD associate superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen gives update on merger of two Beaumont high schools while addressing Press Club on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

The opening of Beaumont's newest high school Beaumont United is 114 days away.

On Thursday, Beaumont ISD's Associate Superintendent of Secondary Schools Dr. Shannon Allen gave the Press Club of Southeast Texas a preview of what to expect in the merger of two Beaumont high school and what's been accomplished so far.

Beaumont United will combine Ozen and Central high schools onto one campus -- making the merger the school district's second 6-A high school.

The district decided on the merger after Tropical Storm Harvey caused irreparable damage to the Central High School building.

Dr. Allen told the media the transition is going well and that the merger will pave the way for additional opportunities for students.

"Our students are gonna have more opportunities. That's one of the biggest things that's gonna come out of this merge of having two 6-A high schools -- more opportunities," said Dr. Allen. "When you have two smaller high schools oftentimes you don't have the same number of opportunities for the students academically. So with the merging of the campuses, we've analyzed the data. We're gonna have so many more courses that we're gonna be able to offer to our students."

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