BPD arrests man for assaulting officers; 2 injured, 4 exposed to suspect's bodily fluids


    Beaumont Police have arrested a man after they say he shattered bottles inside a store, walked through traffic, removed his clothes, used his hand to shatter a car windshield, then spit at officers and struck one several times, transferring a large amount of blood onto the officer's face and neck.

    Police say they were called to the Shop N Save, 2675 S. 4th, at about noon, because of a disturbance in which the suspect was believed to be intoxicated on PCP.

    Preliminary investigation revealed the suspect, Joseph Raymond Murphy, 40, of Beaumont, entered the store and began shattering bottles.

    He then went outside, walked through traffic, removed his clothes and used his hand to shatter the windshield of a vehicle.

    Officers arrived in the area of 4th and Roberts and attempted to take Murphy into custody. Murphy charged one officer and struck him multiple times, transferring a large amount of blood onto the officer’s face and neck. Murphy also spit saliva on the officers during the altercation.

    Murphy was eventually taken into custody by four police officers, all of whom were exposed to Murphy’s blood/saliva. Two of the officers sustained minor injuries in addition to the exposure.

    Murphy was taken to a hospital where he was treated for his injury and intoxication prior to his transport to the Jefferson County Jail.

    Murphy is charged with Assault on a Public Servant, Harassment of a Public Servant, and Resisting Transport.

    All Officers involved are being treated for their injuries/exposure.

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