BPD officers on the mend after PCP-fueled attack

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    A Beaumont man is sitting in the Jefferson County Jail with a bond that totals more than $50,000 after police say he attacked officers while high on PCP.

    BPD tells KFDM the officers who were attacked Thursday are on the mend, but the store clerk who called them is still shaken up after encountering 40-year-old Joseph Raymond Murphy.

    "I don't know if he was crazy, he was a drunk or what," says Ismail Usman, who was behind the counter at the Shop N Save on S. 4th Street in Beaumont when Murphy walked in around noon.

    Police say Murphy walked into the store and started throwing bottles.

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    "That's why I called the police," says Usman.

    Someone helped get Murphy out of the store, and Usman quickly locked the door.

    Then, officers say the man shed his clothes and walked across the street where he hit and broke a windshield with his bare hands.

    "We do see not necessarily that they're stronger but that they don't feel pain," says Officer Haley Morrow. "So that's a problem."

    Officer Morrow says it took four officers to bring down Murphy.

    At one point, he even went back for a second round at the convenience store.

    "He came back to the store again and my store was locked," says Usman. "And he tried to bust the window to the door, but he couldn't do it."

    Police say Murphy hit one officer several times in the face and neck, and spit on the other officers. They were also exposed to Murphy's blood.

    Two officers suffered minor injuries as Murphy was finally taken into custody.

    "They're doing goo. Some of them are back on the streets," says Morrow.

    Murphy's bond has been set at $25,000 for Assault of a Public Servant, $25,000 for Harassment of a Public Servant, and $2,500 for resisting arrest.

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